More thoughts on Marvel NOW!

It has been a while since I’ve focused on Marvel NOW! We are just weeks away from the December solicitations, which will reveal more about this not-reboot. Since I last discussed Marvel NOW! it has become clear that this initiative will feature more than the initial cap of 20, as more and more teasers keep on coming. I have already compiled my thoughts on the solicited MN! titles, but I haven’t discussed them or the logistics of the event since the most recent solicitations. I will attempt to do both within this post.

First I’d like to discuss what we do know again.

The first wave of Marvel NOW! reveals were the solo titles for most of Marvel’s iconic characters (Iron Man, Cap, Thor, etc). In addition to that we learned details as to the future of the Fantastic family, and more details on Uncanny Avengers, All-New X-Men, and X-Men Legacy (the first two being apart of MN!’s core trinity). 5 of the 10 solicited titles are bi monthly, which is a staggering switch from Marvel’s current printing schedule. I have already stated my thoughts on this type of shipping (I’m not a fan) so I won’t do that here. What I will do is analyze.

So far we have 5 solo series’: Hulk, Thor, Cap, Iron Man, and Deadpool. These are followed by the two Fantastic titles supplemented by the only solicited Avenger team, and two X-Men teams.

While Marvel’s goals behind the launch have clearly changed since original solicitations, they stated that we’d see the Avengers line of titles expand while we saw the X-Men line up diminish.

In addition to this, it was stated that multiple titles would be folded into MN! but with little to no changes to team, direction, or numbering. So far we have only seen Avengers Assemble remain at proper numbering.

Last week more details were released on Hickman’s Avenger’s, the third part to the previously mentioned MN! core trinity (also bi monthly). This brought the Avengers count up to two.

This week we saw a diverse selection of titles teased.

Another X title, Cable and the X-Force will take the place of Remender’s current title (also change in numbering). Thunderbolts will relaunch without any member of the previous cast (and with no word as to the future of the Dark Avengers). Finally Avengers Arena was solicited which is a Battle Royall/Hunger Games style story featuring some of Marvel’s teen characters.

This leaves the fate of New Avengers and Secret Avengers up for grabs. The End Times event seems to consume most of the Avenger titles as the current Marvel Universe speeds towards MN! but neither have been solicited as ending. Secret Avengers isn’t even taking part of End Times. Could this mean that these two titles will stick with their numbering? Will they remain the same? Or are they going to be launched much later in the year?

The same fate befalls Dark Avengers. Their team will not be taking part in the End Times, nor are they appear to be going anywhere. With a new Thunderbolts, where will this leave the Dark Avengers?

Ultimately the last big question for Marvel NOW! appears to be the Avengers titles. How many is “a lot”? So far we’ve got three solicited Avengers titles. Will the three series’ above fill out the line? Or will Marvel launch something else entirely.

The next question is the Spider-Man line. Will Marvel fold Amazing Spider-Man, Avenging Spider-man, Venom, and Scarlet Spider into the MN! line, or will the remain the same? Additionally, where does Daredevil, Red-She Hulk, Captain Marvel, Hawkeye, Journey Into Mystery, and Defenders fit in? Will Marvel leave some of these titles outside of the MN! initiative? Or will these titles be counted in while retaining their numbering, teams, and direction?

There are still so many more questions that have yet to be answered. I will continually post updates as to the latest MN! reveals. So far it’s not looking like an attractive project to me. Many of the titles that I could see myself enjoying would require me to spend more money on them a month and force me to drop two other titles I am enjoying.

What looks good to you, if anything? What do you think we’ll see within the December solicits? If you’ve got thoughts or comments, I want to hear them.

Until the next time,



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