Ravingnerd Reviews: The Rocketeer- Cargo of Doom #2

I didn’t think it had been a month since the first on going Rocketeer series in decades first hit the shelves. The last issue of Rocketeer blew me away, leaving me to ponder just why I love Rocketeer as much as I do. Last issue was also followed swiftly by the knowledge that Disney would be reviving the Rocketeer film franchise (the last Rocketeer film was….. not great). Mark Waid and Chris Samnee bring to life a story that could be worthy of film, so here’s what I liked about the issue:

1. Chris Samnee’s art screams classic Rocketeer, it is refreshing and beautiful to see.
2. While Cliff Secord is an easy man to characterize, Mark Waid does a great job at adding life to the surrounding cast.
3. The particular highlight of my week was the amount of humor in this issue, I loved it.

Rating before reading: 9
Rating after reading: 9

This issue was the highlight of my week. Once again it proved that comic book heroes can be fun, while still being serious and well-developed. The story continues to move in directions I want to see, and while I’m not the biggest fan of the developing love triangle, I am enjoying the villains. They are fun, but threatening all at once. This comic feels classic, and screams of classic comic. So if you are looking for a splendid read, then look no further than this.

Until the next time, “give it rockets!”



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