Ravingnerd Reviews: Harbinger #4

While the summer of Valiant may be over, that doesn’t mean their done producing comics. Valiant enters the next stage of their existence by not only introducing a new character into their universe, but venturing into a new story arc. Harbinger isn’t quite there yet, but the mystery and intrigue has amped itself up quite a few notches, this is what I liked about the issue.

1. Tragedy. Characters are often built with the loss of people close to them. Valiant makes Peter’s journey touching and emotional. Good story telling.
2. I haven’t dished about the art yet. The art is fantastic. It’s the perfect art to match the story.
3. Lines are being drawn in the sand, as the mystery behind Harada continues to grow.

Rating before reading: 7
Rating after reading: 8

Valiant really stepped up their game with this issue. They have changed the direction and feel of the entire title, but in a good way. While I was having issues connecting to Peter, this issue offered the lynchpin that could make him a character that I can connect with. The mystery surround the series has only gotten greater too, offering the opportunity for greater things to sprout from this title in the future. Bottom line, I feel sorry for anyone who isn’t reading this title. Valiant’s kicking it into gear.

Until the next time, steel your mind.



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