Divided We Fall: Chapter 6

Divided We Fall is racing towards a conclusion as Spider-Man finds himself face to face with Captain America. As seen in Chapter 5, United We Stand seems set to bring about new status quo’s for all of Marvel’s titles. While the issue was fast paced this comic served as a springboard for not only the final chapter of Divided We Fall or the beginning of United We Stand, but has given Miles Morales new meaning and has set the title in a brand new direction.

As seen in the previous issue Captain America is being a dick. he feels it’s his fault that Peter died, and the answer to that was to stop another Spider-Man from happening. I think camping out in the desert has affected his mind.

Captain America is determined to have Miles quit being Spider-Man, but that doesn’t stop him (encouraged by Aunt May). Cap and Miles come face to face with the Rhino and tangle with him, before Miles is able to use his (still uncontrollable) Venom Blast to take him out.

The end of the issue see’s Captain America agreeing to train Miles, leaving the future of the title anyone’s guess.

So the X-Men have joined Nick Fury to take out the militia’s controlling the Southwest and Spider-Man has been taken on by Captain America as a sidekick (and potential member of the Ultimates). What will happen to the Ultimates? What is Captain America’s big decision? Only time will tell, as the conclusion for Divided We Fall awaits!

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