Ravingnerd Presents: The Future!

It is time for the future. It is time for all of my followers to know what I’ve been working on all weekend. Please comment, and let me know what you think. I can only truly expand when I hear what you want. And now…


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About ravingnerd

I am Ravingnerd. I have returned to this blog after an extensive absences. I lost the passion for quite some time. However recently got the urge to start this back up. Join me as I discuss, Comics, Star Trek, Civilization, and much more!

4 thoughts on “Ravingnerd Presents: The Future!

  1. I would suggest giving a quick summary of what is talked about herein, who’s host/guesthosting, possibly length etc,etc. The only other problem I can think is to make sure to actually continue doing text posts AS WELL AS the podcasts/audiocasts/weirdnewfangledtalkythingy. Reading someone’s thoughts is different than listening to talking heads for an hour. Otherwise, keep up the good work as usual!

    • I’d agree with Brad on this one. While podcasts are fun, I’d try and limit it to discussions and debates, those kind of things. Keep the blog for the “serious” posts.

      • So was it okay to discuss comics that I hadn’t blogged about? I spent a little time on Phantom Stranger and Silk Spectre, but the bulk was on books I haven’t reviewed.

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