The New 52: My Top Ten

Most everyone on my Twitter feed has been discussing, posting, and retweeting their top ten DC titles. It’s me, I’m a dork and couldn’t possibly post my thoughts on my top ten DC titles in just one tweet. Thus I will do it here. These are in no particular order, they are just the ten titles I have liked best so far.

10. Batman by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. I will post this now. It’s on everyone’s list and it deserves to be. I won’t say too much about it (partly because I already have). It’s a great series, that is going in a bold direction and making classic Batman stories that are guaranteed to be as iconic as Batman: Year One, Dark Knight Returns, Killing Joke, and the like.

9. Earth 2 by James Robinson and Nicola Scott. Though the youngest title on my list it is easily among the best. I love seeing my favorite JSA characters take new light. Both issue #1 and last weeks #0 made this universes origins one of the greatest things in comics. If only we could see more of the “Wonders” and their fruitless struggle against Apokolips.

8. Resurrection Man by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning. While he won’t be resurrecting anytime soon, Mitch Shelly’s struggle against heaven, hell, and himself has been one of the most enjoyable and unique titles in the New 52. I was a fan of the original series, and was pleasantly surprised to see the title return. While the title ended anti climatically, the opening issues of the story were brilliant and very well done. I can honestly say that I will miss this title, and have now fallen victim to both of DC’s cancellations.

7. Batgirl by Gail Simone and Adrian Syaf. This title has been fantastic throughout it’s run. I have also discussed this title in detail (it was endorsed by the first lady of comics herself) so I won’t spend any more time discussing this title.

6. Batman and Robin by Peter J Tomasi and Patrick Gleason. I will wrap up all of my bat titles now, and am honestly sickened that my top ten list is full of this many bat titles. But what can I say, they are some of the best books on the market. Batman and Robin launched in a bold new direction, this time with Bruce and Damian as the father-son Dynamic Duo. This comic has explored not only what makes Damian tick, but how Batman struggles with being a father. The first arc of this series was flawlessly done, and the latter arc had some great moments with all of the Robin’s (most notably Jason).

5. Aquaman by Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis, and Joe Prado. I knew this title would be stellar. I remember when they announced two winter’s ago that Johns would be on Aquaman. Little did we know that it would be apart of the New 52, but this title hasn’t disappointed. From the monstrous Trench to a re-invigorated Black Manta (who’s boss by the way) Aquaman has pleased both fans and skeptics alike. Giving Aquaman fans across the world a chance to finally embrace their hero without the scorn of the rest of the world.

4. Wonder Woman by Brian Azzarello, Cliff Chiang, and Tony Akins. What? Really? No way! The amount of good Wonder Woman runs can be counted on one hand. And now that this title is out, you can count on two hands. Brian Azzarello has focused only on Wonder Woman and her own mythos. This has elevated her title well above the rest of the WW runs. If you haven’t read it yet. Do yourself a favor. Do it now.

3. Justice League by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee. It’s Johns and Lee on the premier super hero team (I don’t care what Newsarama says, they can suck it). The stories have been fantastic, and the art has been splendid, to say the least. I have loved seeing the new team come together, and have loved to see the characters react to each other and come together as a team (or not so much). The cameos have been great and the plot’s involving.

2. Green Lantern by Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke. I remember debating whether to add this to my pull list well before I went all in on the New 52. Twice (happiest day of my life, I literally cried). I decided to do so because the title looked great. There was a moment when I decided to drop it, but as I stated last week the title has evolved into  one of the best in the New 52.

1. Stormwatch by a revolving door of creators that couldn’t top Paul Cornell. I will be honest. I have a love hate relationship with Stormwatch. I hate the direction the title has gone in without Paul Cornell, but I love the characters involved with the title. Even though Cornell has been gone the characters keep evolving and getting better. I am hoping that after issue #0 (which was fantastic by the way) the title can start getting better again. One can only dream, right?

Well that took so much longer than I wanted too, but it beats a single one-off tweet! What were your favorites?


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