Ravingnerd Reviews: New Crusaders #1

What is this you ask? This is the new comic published by Red Circle comics, originally it was only intended to be digital, however enough people made a fuss and this comic has gained a print version as well. I was happy to see it, as I was interested in checking it out, and I did.

For a little more accurate information, Red Circle was a line of comics published in the forties featuring various characters that have long been defunct. Archie has the rights to the characters and have relaunched them given the wave of success they’ve had the past few years. Red Circle is more of an experiment than it is an initiative, but one I couldn’t help but check out, so here is what I liked about New Crusaders #1:

1. It is set now, with the original heroes of Red Circle all being geriatric now. Their off spring clearly look poised to take the reins, and it did a nice job establishing them.
2. Some of these characters are hard to distinguish from other better established Marvel and DC characters, but they do a pretty decent job at establishing variance between characters like Shield and Captain America.
3. It felt…. fun. Despite this being a comic for all ages, this comic has enough action to please most veteran and mature comic book readers.

Rating before reading: 6
Rating after reading: 7

Now this comic was campy, at best. The art was blocky and felt less like a super hero comic and more like a Young Justice: The Television show comic book. This being said, it has enough pleasing plot devices and strong set up to entertain even the pickiest of comic book reader. What I love, I really enjoyed about this comic was that I enjoyed it. This is a comic I can recommend to younger readers. One that I would love to younger readers, but one that I wouldn’t mind reading as well. I will definitely be checking back in, and I’d invite you to check in as well!

Until the next time, check this comic out!



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