Ravingnerd Reviews: Before Watchmen-Silk Spectre #3

Silk Spectre #3 hit shelves yesterday and continued fleshing out the prehistory of the Watchmen universe. By now all real sense of controversy has died down as people have decided to either read the titles or not and shut up about it. I for one, don’t see the point in not at least trying it out. Last week’s Minutemen was fantastic, and Silk Spectre only increases the momentum from the last issue. Here’s what I liked about the comic:

1. It was beautiful. Amanda Conner’s pencils combined with the coloring of the issue made the first half of the comic one of the most beautiful things you could read. That’s saying a lot considering everything Conner does is beautiful.
2. It does a brilliant job of tying into Watchmen lore. We can now see just how the title will conclude, and just how much that will tie into the overall Before Watchmen series.
3. Silk Spectre finally has character. She is no longer the bland and boring character of the original work. She has spirit, spunk, and even class.
4. A certain moment in the comic leads to what is perhaps the most iconic symbol of the series. So, there’s that.

Rating before reading: 8
Rating after reading: 10

This comic was absolutely fantastic. While it wouldn’t be as great for people who have not been reading the series, for fans of this title and Before Watchmen itself this comic is further reward. The colors and art turn an already brilliant story into a fun, sweet, and sad tale. We can clearly see the outcome of the tale now, and as a reader you feel for Laurie. I personally never thought I’d hear myself say that. I never thought that Silk Spectre would turn out to be one of the best titles in the line, but I am so glad to have been proven wrong. For those reading Before Watchmen, you’re in for a real treat with this issue. For those not reading, you are really missing out.

Until the next time, acid kills.



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