Ravingnerd Reviews: Phantom Stranger #0

I really only have time for a single review today, and with so many brilliant comics I could review, it was honestly hard to pick which one I would review. I chose Phantom Stranger as it kicks off DC’s Third Wave of titles, and has gotten the least amount of press (I kept forgetting that it was a title for a while there) so without further lead up, let me discuss what I liked:

1. It has huge religious implications. Massive. The story is rooted with religious philosophy/fiction/implications/whatever you want to call it. Everyone knows his story, even if you aren’t a Christian yourself.
2. We get to see more of Shazam (who’s black now) and his magical court of beings.
3. The Trinity of Sin returns for a brief moment.
4. We get to see the introduction of another major player into the DC Universe. I’ll give you a hint, he’s a big hitter on DC’s mystical side of their universe.
5. The comic is the ultimate dream for anyone who loves the magical, mystical, darker side of the DCU. This title could even replace JLD as the pinnacle of magical importance within the New 52.

Rating before reading: 6
Rating after reading: 9

This comic blew me away. I was drawn in by its admittedly ballsy story and the implications it would have for anyone familiar with the Christian faith. The story helps to establish that the magical part of DC has much bigger and farther reaching importance than presented before. I myself love the arcane side of DC, this comic pleases that enjoyment with every page. From the Trinity of Sin, to the court of the Wizard, to the mystery character whom I won’t spoil, to Phantom Stranger himself, this comic tells the origin of not only the title character, but of much of the magical universe and their power within DC. You’d be a fool not to pick this one up, and I can’t believe I’m saying that about a Dan Didio comic.

Until the next time, Wander the world as a Stranger!



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