Top Cow Wants You!

For those of you who haven’t heard, Top Cow Productions is doing a talent search. They will select two artists and two writers and publish their ideas in a one shot or a mini series. The submission guide lines are rather intense, and clearly aren’t for everyone. This being said, it is clear that this opportunity is a chance of a life time. So, I Ravingnerd have decided to run down with you the submission process in hopes to encourage participation. If this is your dream, then I want you to have the chance to do it. I will provide links for all the information, just so you don’t have to go out and search the internet for it.

Lets start with the basics. Top Cow is looking for a complete pitch for a limited series (generally 1-4 issues, though the amount isn’t specified) or one shot. They are not looking for a long term series, nor are they looking for a commitment or contract. They are looking for a way to have unique stories and provided people with a brilliant piece of bling on someone’s resume. As you may have guessed, you can only use Top Cow characters. In specific only characters they list on their rules and guidelines. You won’t be able to use Witchblade or Darkness or any of their iconic or signiture characters. That being said, they give creators free reign over their list of characters. Keep in mind, just because they are not main characters doesn’t mean they aren’t fun or awesome. Contenstants will get the chance to play with multiple Artifact wielders and do what they want with them.

The next big thing to remind everyone of is to read their contract. They ask for some pretty weighty legal commitments from their contestants. Make sure you read this before you start your pitch. If you are not comfortable with signing off on the contract then you will not be allowed to participate.

I must emphasise again, I am posting this as a way to try to grab comic book lovers in and give them the chance of a life time. I also hope that some of you will go out and read some of Top Cow’s series’. I have become hooked (thanks largly to their free comic book day issue/follow up omnibus sale) and I invite everyone to read up on these characters as extensively as you can before you begin creating.

Good luck everyone! And if you win and were referred to the contest from my blog let me know!

Until the next time, get writing!

The official information/rules are at this link.

The contract is at this link.


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