Divided We Fall: Chapter 5

Well I know it’s a bit late, but I failed to realize that this comic came out last wednesday.

Chapter 5 takes place within the pages of Ultimate X-Men #15. As I have stated in my previous coverage for this event (both with the previous X-Men and Spider-Man tie ins), only the Ultimates has really felt connected to the event. This took a step towards changing that.

It appears that Divided We Fall will move straight into United We Stand. It appears as if DWF is just the setup with UWS being the action and conclusion. This being said, this issue furthered not only the plot of the X-Men series, but tied it into the over all chaos of DWF and launches it headlong into UWS.

When we last saw the X-Men they were assaulted by a local militia at a diner. In this assault, Jimmy was shot. Once regenerated he took revenge by killing one of the militia men. With this, the team realized that they couldn’t really try to stop Stryker’s legacy without killing and have hesitantly agreed to use what ever force necessary.

The team makes it to the Sentinel controlled Southwest and encounters a mutant refugee named Husk. Husk informs them that a large group of Mutants is hiding out in the mountains. Husk leads them to the mountain’s and confronts their leader, who is revealed to be the long absent Nick Fury.

With this, the stage is set for an epic conclusion in United We Stand. Nick Fury will be working with the current 4 X-Men and an army’s worth of more to bring the Southwest back into the union. The possibilities of this are staggering. Will the Ultimates somehow become involved with this conflict? Will the ranks of the X-Men expand with new mutants?

I guess we will have to wait and see.

We are hurtling towards a conclusion now as Spider-Man will come into conflict with Captain America and as the Ultimates try to stop the Dual Eyed Man (Loki?!?!) from destroying the country.

Until the next time, happy Labor Day!



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