The Year of Sinestro

In the same fashion as my evaluation of Batgirl or Green Arrow I will aim to discuss the first year of Green Lantern.

As any fan of the lantern universe will know, there was no change from pre-New 52 GL to New 52 GL. This helped fans to grasp New 52 better, but was relaunched and changed up to the point where new fans could hop on board. As many people know the first year of Green Lantern featured Sinestro as the main character with Hal Jordan as his back up/partner/sidekick. This allowed readers to get a grasp of just how great Sinestro was as a lantern. While Sinestro has had a significant boost in character, bad-assery, and importance with Geoff Johns helming the Lantern-verse, we still manage to see a side of Sinestro that readers had never seen before. We see him making jokes, we see him attack his own corps, and we see him care about something other than himself (although that was brief).

In addition to the characterization of Sinestro, we see Hal Jordan coping (and when I say that, I really mean struggling) with being a normal human. We see just how dedicated Hal Jordan is to the Corps and how hard it is to move on without that power and authority in his life.

Johns also brilliantly reveals exactly what the Indigo Tribe is, who their members are, and what they want. The result was a surprisingly terrifying look into this compassion driven corps. I don’t know a single person who read the title who didn’t instantly love the Indigo tribe after their appearance this past year. I will honestly say they now sit comfortably as my second favorite corps.

The first year of the Green Lantern comic did everything it should have and hit all the marks. It focused on brilliant characterizations, focusing not on the leads, but from other characters entirely. It delved deep into lantern mythos to mystify and excite the reader by making an older concept feel new. We see villains turn to heroes, heroes turn to villains, and the frightening return of Black Lanterns. If what I have said through this overview hasn’t made you want to start reading, then you’re crazy!

Until the next time, beware my power!



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