Ravingnerd Reviews: Before Watchmen-Minutemen #3

You know that I’ve thought this title was great (if not, educate yourself). While Before Watchmen has been spot on in many places, it’s been shoddy in others. None have been as pleasurable to read though as Minutemen. I conservatively ranked the first one, and amended that mistake with the review of the second issue. Before I get ahead of myself, let me address what I liked about this issue:

1. The bits and pieces of the fictional Minutemen comic cropping up within the actual comic itself. It provided fantastic parallels and some great moments.
2. It dealt with some established Watchmen history, and just brushed around the details.
3. Was that Hooded Justice out of costume?!?
4. It featured Ursula prominently. She should get her own spin-off.
5. It highlighted the hidden friendship of Ursula and Hollis. It was brilliant to see, and one can infer even more parallels between Hollis and Ursula and Dan and Lauri.

Rating before reading: 9
Rating after reading: 9

This comic delivers yet again. It was thrilling, sad, and sweet all at the same time. It had me gasping out of fear, frantically turning pages, and laughing all within minutes of each other. This comic is an absolute pleasure to read, both in writing and in art. The story is clearly going places, and it’s awesome to know that this title will be 6 issues rather than 4. This was definitely the highlight of my week, and I’d urge you all to read it too.

Until the next time, damn Ursula rocks!



4 thoughts on “Ravingnerd Reviews: Before Watchmen-Minutemen #3


    Agree with all your points. I reviewed it in the same manner. The page with the Comedian putting the smack down on HJ was just awesome. I love the Comedian! He’s the truest character in the whole universe. The only one in on the joke. My only complaint was the interspersed panels of Ursula getting patched up. Thought she was being tortured at first.

      • I had thought they were teasing her ultimate demise as seen in the original. Since we don’t know the time frame that happened, I was honestly expecting this to be hear death. Thus the imagery thrilled me because I was worried that my favorite character was going to meet her demise.

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