Better Late Than Never: Thief of Thieves #1

Once again, I bought this comic more than a month ago. However, given that so many people have the ability to read this, Saga, and many more, I felt that it was the perfect opportunity to do my Better Late Than Never Coverage. I was especially interested by this comic, as it will be the next Image title adapted to television (on AMC). So this is what I liked.

1. It feels fun, really. It just feels like a blast. The first issue was funny, intense, and addicting.
2. It sets up for a great cast of characters, many of whom I’d love to see develop into their own characters.
3. It feels like Oceans 11 with a dash of Leverage. Both of which are fun.

Rating before reading: 6
Rating after reading: 8

Once again Image has produced another great title, that is easily one of my favorite non DC comics on the market. I was once again blown away by its quality and how addicting this title is. While I think Saga #1 was a better first issue, I personally like this series more. I can’t wait to see the television show, as I think seeing it in motion will be much, much cooler.

Until the next time, stealing’s illegal.



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