Better Late Than Never: Saga #1

Yes. It’s been out for nearly half a year. Shut up. I bought the first issue digitally about a month ago, along with dozens of other Image first issues. Then I woke up to discover that they all had been made free this morning. If I had waited a month, I would have saved money. But you live and you learn, and you never trust Comixology. Anyway, I’m now knee-deep into this series. And, here’s what I liked about the first issue of Saga. Praised by all as the greatest comic of the year.

1. The format is interesting. The lack of text boxes, the jumbled writing, and the broken panel images. It’s surprisingly refreshing.
2. The art, though broken it may be. It’s beautiful. It is bright, vibrant and alive.
3. The story is like an acid trip. Naked robots, giant talking cats, and a cussing goat/fairy couple. It’s random and awesome.

Rating before reading: 7
Rating after reading: 9

Yep. I wanted to hate it, I really did. I can’t though. This comic was awesome. It feels great, and I’ve kept reading the series because it rocks so much. It’s fresh and different, and great. It’s wonderful. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that it’s not. It’s so different that I don’t think I could say it’s perfect. If you want a change of pace, check it out. Once again, it’s free online, and it’s 40 pages. Go and enjoy it.

Until the next time,



2 thoughts on “Better Late Than Never: Saga #1

  1. Could not agree with you more. This is the single comic I look forward to the most each month. I even wrote into Brian K Vaughan to let him know how much I love it, and I don’t’ do that ever. Glad you got on the band wagon, and can’t wait to see this comic book go places. Here’s to a movie deal!

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