Shot Through the Heart: The Loss of Liefeld

While it’s been known for a while that Rob Liefeld legendary comic book writer and artist was leaving DC, he announced today that the solicits past September’s Zero Month would not be happening. That his stories would not be told, leaving the future of his Hawkman: Wanted crossover up in the air. While Liefeld is an easily recognizable name in the industry, he embodies the essence of 90’s comics. While it’s the 90’s that introduced me to comics, when looking back, it was a VERY bad time for comics. Some thought it risky to bring Liefeld in on so many titles in the New 52. However adding his star power to some of DC’s struggling titles seemed like a good idea.

Now I can’t comment on Hawkman or Deathstroke. I have been loosely following the Hawkman story and like what I’ve seen both pre Liefeld and with Liefeld on it. This being said, I can’t really comment on its quality or its gravity as my glimpses have only been in passing. Deathstroke was fun, but I could see where it could slow down during Liefelds arc (focusing on Lobo). I will however comment on Grifter. I jumped ship the instant Liefeld got on board. I enjoyed the quality of the story and the direction it was heading in before Liefeld got on board. The instant he got on board, he changed the story, the direction, the cast of characters, and the art. All of which I didn’t want to see. It was the first time I stopped following a pull list comic (though it wasn’t the last).

This being said, the Hawkman: Wanted story (which was supposed to run through Hawkman, Green Arrow, and Deathstroke) seemed like a good idea to me. While not a major fan of Liefeld’s work I was hoping that he could make Green Arrow cool (since New 52 Green Arrow is trash). I had hoped that his experience could have guided the hands of GA’s creative team and steer them towards a more recognizable hero. With Liefeld leaving we lose that possibility, dooming GA to a life of pissing off every fan everywhere because of its lack of quality.

But I digress, the real topic is Grifter, Hawkman, and Deathstroke. Where do these characters fit in now. Will they get new teams, or will they get dumped entirely? Perhaps DC could weasel their way into publishing the pre planned stories from October and November, leaving only December up for grabs. This leaves the titles ripe for cancellation or proper creative team shifts come January and DC’s 4th Wave. The way I see it, Grifter and Deathstroke will bite it. Both of those characters are appearing in next months ongoing series Team 7 (which I am stoked about). Leaving only Hawkman up for grabs. In my opinion, DC should keep this title running unless they can replace his slot with a new solo character in the Justice League group of their line (I vote Captain Marv-errr-Shazam). My thoughts are backed up since Talon is launching next month, and DC really doesn’t need that many anti heroes running around in their universe. I mean come on, what is this, Marvel? It isn’t, so DC can cut back on the anti heroes relaunch’s (because Jim Lee has a hard on for them, or something) and balance the Edge group out with a team of anti heroes.

What are your thoughts? Sad about Liefeld’s abrupt departure? What are your thoughts on the future? Should the series’ get replaced, new creative teams, or just dropped completely until DC can launch more in January?

Until the next time, celebrate. The 90’s are dead. Again.

Inspiration goes out to @charmingred for this post idea!



7 thoughts on “Shot Through the Heart: The Loss of Liefeld

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  3. Happy that Liefeld is gone. Similar to your situation, when I found out that Liefeld was taking over Grifter, Hawkman and Deathstroke I dropped all three titles. The last time I was burnt by Liefeld was The Infinite and I said “not again”. I was really enjoying both Hawkman and Deathstroke before Liefeld came on board and messed with them. Now that he is gone from DC, I am actually tempted to pick those titles back up.

  4. Well, it has been a little while since the Liefeld fallout and I am a little surprised that we haven’t heard anything from DC about who is taking over these books…

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