Divided We Fall: Chapter Four

Divided We Fall continued this week, and what a week it was.

The Ultimates is clearly the place to be for the plot line, as the others have yet to really tie in to make an actual series. This being said, the quality of the Ultimates is enough to make the event bearable. So here we go, Ultimates #14.

The issue focuses on the reformed Ultimates attempting to take out the Nuclear armed Texas. The Ultimates seem to have new-found faith in themselves with the return of Captain America. While the team makes quick work of Texas, and forces them to join them into the union, this seemed to be the goal of the dual eyed villain, who was busy making plans else where.

Another hint as to who the villain might have been was leaked, as the gold the Texans were using as money was marked with Loki’s symbol. This appeared on the dual eyed man’s gloves. Could Loki be alive after all, haunting the Ultimate Universe again? Only time will tell.

On to crisis watch, while Texas was disarmed a new nation on the Pacific coast and Wyoming have established themselves as threats, this amidst a scandal to replace the acting president. All of this has been masterminded by our dual eyed mystery man. The crisis will continue next week with X-Men, how will Kitty Pryde’s story play into the power of this west coast nation, and where will Spider-Man fit into this event?

Stay tuned for more Divided We Fall coverage.

Until the next time, watch out for dual eyed men.



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