Marvel NOW! The First Month

As I stated last night in my thoughts in DC’s November solicits, both official solicitations have been out for a while (I’m still catching up, don’t hate me).

Looking over the solicits, one thing becomes clear. Marvel NOW! Is what Marvel is trying to push the most of. So I’ll go through all of the Marvel NOW! titles being launched and discuss my thoughts on them and their solicits as we go along!

Indestructable Hulk- It’s by far the most attractive comic in the line. Mark Waid continues to produce quality comic whether it’s Irredeemable or Daredevil. The man is a legend. To have him work on a character with a crazy and convoluted history and a lackluster title is pure genius.

Uncanny Avengers- While it launches in October, it continues this month. This will be the real test for the series. If it can keep the sales, readers, attention, and story that the first issue may present. Not sure how I feel about the line up, but it’s supposed to be the Justice League of the Marvel universe. It’s definitely worth a look.

Captain America- Another appealing series. I have never read anything of Rick Remender, but he comes highly recommended from my Marvel friends, and what a better way to be introduced to a Marvel writer than with their signature character?

A+X- Another series that launches in October, one that I absolutely don’t care about. It means nothing to me. I am not familiar with the Marvel universe, and my hopes that Marvel would make my familiarity better didn’t come to fruition. This means that a title about random characters and random stories from across the MU isn’t the most appealing title to someone like myself.

Avengers Assemble #9- The series was barely appealing as it was. However, it was a great thing to be able to see the movie cast in a series by themselves. It was also nice to see an Avengers team that was seemingly free from continuity. We lose that with issue 9, we also lose the movie cast. While I might be a fan of the creators, I am not a fan of the direction.

Fantastic Four/FF- It will be hard to follow-up Hickman’s critically acclaimed run, however Matt Friction has proven himself as a capable writer. What helps with this title is his control over the relaunched FF. While the first volume of FF will be completely different from this new version, FF is easily one of the most appealing titles in the Marvel NOW! line. Probably because Ant-Man is a member of the team. I do enjoy Ant-Man. To make things better, both titles break Marvel’s code and are offered at 2.99.

Iron Man, X-Men Legacy, God of Thunder, and All-New X-Men are hard to get behind. All is offered at 3.99 and are released twice a month. While it means that you get through more of the story, you in the end get no more new story. You just get through arcs in half of the time. Essentially people can either pay 3.99 a month, or they can pay $8 to get through the story faster. Personally, I have a hard time balancing 3.99 titles on my pull list. Having one released twice a month would force me to remove a monthly title. I’d much rather read two series’ for the price of one. Besides that, All-New X-Men is the only real appealing title on the list. I however doubt that the quality will outweigh the costs, shipping games, and be better than not one, but two pull list titles.

Deadpool- Just no. No. No. NO!

These are the Marvel NOW! titles releasing in November. I’ll comment later on what we can expect to see in December!

Until the next time, live long and prosper.





7 thoughts on “Marvel NOW! The First Month

  1. I had no idea that All New X-Men was twice a month! Jesus… I was looking forward to AvX finishing mostly because I could add another book, essentially creating 2 spaces for some new titles. That has really given it a smaller chance of me picking it up. It sounds like a really good concept for a Marvel book as well…

    • I thought so too. I’m not sure if it would be able to hold its own after the first arc, but I doubt that I’ll get that far into it anyway. I’d have to REALLY enjoy it to read it more than once.

    • I agree. It feels less Deadpool esque to me. I don’t honestly care if Deadpool fans come after me, they generally don’t read comics enough to find anything on this blog interesting.

    • I dislike Deadpool. He’s not what I want out of a character, and his comic is not what I’m seeking from a comic. To fold him into the core universe, to openly tout him as an important character in the universe (and to place him on an Avenger team) spells trouble to me. It undermines what people like about the character, and it undermines the legitimacy of Marvel’s overall story telling initiative.

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