Ravingnerd Reviews: Spider-Men #4

While the second and third reviews were all penned under “Adventures in Marvel” I am discontinuing that series, since I have grown to embrace Marvel (and everyone else) as of late. It took a while for Spider-Men to be what I thought it should be, however last issue gave me hope that this series could be great. So without further explanation, here is what I liked about the issue:

1. It left off where the last one ended. With 616 Peter meeting Ultimate Aunt May and Gwen Stacey.
2. The beginning of the reaction surprised me. I was surprised by how real the reaction was.

Rating before reading: 7
Rating after reading: 6

While this issue had many moments that would have made it a 7 or even higher it had quite a few gaping flaws as well. One was the constant switch between what I cared about 616 Peter interacting with his Ultimate friends and Nick Fury and Tony Stark trying to determine how Mysterio did it (because Apparently Mysterio is smarter than Tony Stark). The second was the fact that Peter was not upset at seeing Gwen Stacey. Nor was he upset when she asked if the 616 Gwen was dating Peter. Granted Peter is older and “maturer” but this is still the same Peter that traded his marriage for Aunt May’s life. He’s not that grown up. Finally, he was all excited to see Ultimate Mary Jane. Why? Is One More Day no longer in continuity? This paired with his lack of emotion for Gwen muddled even the good part of the story. It didn’t feel like the current Peter Parker. Maybe I’m being to picky, but I can’t tell what the continuity for this story is on either side. It’s clearly not set in the present of either universe because Peter is happy and because the Ultimate Marvel universe hasn’t gone to hell. Maybe next issue will patch it up, but so far this series is average as an average read.

And I do so hate it when the cover of a comic has absolutely nothing to do with the comic. Seriously, the cover of this comic has literally nothing to do with the story. It’s just their to grab your attention. Bastards.

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