Ravingnerd Reviews: Archer and Armstrong #1

It’s finally hear, the culmination of Valiant’s return to main stream comics, and their master marketing plan. Before I review the comic, I’d like to discuss how brilliant their marketing has been. One new title a month starting in May, originally releasing on the same day, but was then changed to different weeks to match the market better. Then to follow-up their “Summer of Valiant” with the return of Ninjak and Shadowman in the fall. Now to Archer and Armstrong! This title is perhaps the most anticipated series in the line, selling out at Diamond before it actually hit shelves, which is a very good thing for any comic. Now, I will present what I liked:

1. I liked Archer’s back grounds, and the clever dictionary boxes that popped up whenever he was doing something. This, combined with the writing helped establish Archer as a character.
2. It was funny. It’s not solely focused on laughs, but it makes snide quips and sarcastic remarks that are hard not to laugh at. It has proven itself to be a social commentary in just the first issue. The creators are calling it the South Park of comics, and so far that’s proven true.
3. Though it’s only fiction, it’s relevent to our society. It mirrors many major things that have happened in the last few years.

Rating before reading: 7
Rating after reading: 9

This comic rocked. It was action packed, exciting, and funny. I can’t stand comics that focus on humor, but this comic seems to use it to enhance the overall feel of the story. The witty quips and sarcastic social commentary drives the story in a unique way. We still feel for the characters, and we still get to see action, suspense, and adventure that’s important all the while laughing along. Perhaps I found this issue funnier than most people would, but I suspect it will only get funnier the more times it’s re-read. This is the absolute perfect way for Valiant to establish itself as a contender in the industry. This series is definitely worth a look, a second look, and a spot on anyone’s pull list. I promise.

Until the next time,



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