The Official Marvel NOW!

I previously discussed what I thought we’d see in Marvel NOW! as soon as the relaunch was announced. At that moment, we were given the names of only three titles that would relaunch. Shortly after that Marvel October’s solicitations were revealed, and I was ecstatic that I had seemingly pin pointed many of the titles. Today I will discuss what has been officially announced, what I think about it, in what areas I was wrong, and what we are still waiting to see.

1. Uncanny Avengers- I wish I could say I was excited about the series. The title isn’t really what I’d call a crossover between Avengers and X-Men. I understand needing to put Wolverine on every title because he’s Marvel’s poster boy, but to add Rogue and Havok as the other X-Men doesn’t make sense to me. While Rogue is a long-standing member, I don’t think she would be anyone’s first pick. Cyclops, Storm, and Kitty Pryde most likely would be on most people’s lists (at least they were on mine). Havok isn’t really even an X-Men, and for him to lead the title seems hasty and almost as if Marvel wants to team to fail.

2. All-New X-Men- They aren’t new at all but old. The original X-Men stuck in the future. I am not excited that this title is replacing Uncanny X-Men. I want to see the current X-Men, not the past X-Men.

3. Avengers- This could be the most appealing of the three “cornerstone titles”. Unfortunately it will be bi-weekly, and at 3.99 that can get very expensive.

4, 5, 6. Secret Avengers/New Avengers/Avengers Assemble- All three of these will be relaunched as apart of Marvel NOW! We just don’t know anything about them so we can’t really make any statements.

7. Invincible Iron Man- As teased on monday the current creative team behind Uncanny X-Men are moving to Iron Man. Neither seem very familiar outside of Marvel’s Mutant population so it will be interesting to see how they handle the character in both Marvel Trinity’s (more on that later).

8. The Mighty Thor- Both creators are familiar with Ultimate Marvel and normal Marvel, and have teamed up to tackle this series.

9. The Incredible Hulk- This title will relaunch with Mark Waid as writer. While I’m not a huge Hulk fan, whatever Mark Waid writes is gold, and this title is sure to be no exception. I can’t get excited about most Marvel titles, I may be able to get excited about this one.

10. Captain America- As announced today, this title will relaunch with Remender and Romita, both names I have heard great things about but have never heard about them working together. Given that both creators have positive buzz around them, I’d venture to say that this title could be great.

11. X-Men Legacy- Also announced today, and revealing the first true X title in the Marvel NOW! lineup. While I am not familiar with the creative team, nor the Legacy team themselves, given that this is a new starting point anyone could be on the team.

12/13. Fantastic Four/FF- This is where I got it wrong. Both Fantastic Four and FF will be relaunched as apart of Marvel NOW! I had not anticipated seeing FF back, as it was Hickman’s creation and brain child, but it is a popular series. Another big name (that I am unfamiliar with) Rick Remender will be tackling both of these titles. A smart move by Marvel, since Hickman has rocked both Fantastic Four and FF.

This is where things get odd. I had thought that Marvel NOW! would be attempting to highlight what the most important titles in their universe were. I had looked at this initiative as a way for Marvel to build a “core” of their universe. That is to say, I had thought that Marvel NOW! would be comprised of all titles related to Marvel’s key story telling initiative. However, unless Marvel is planning on expanding the connectivity of their stories (which they have said would remain the same), some of the other selections seem off.

14. Guardians of the Galaxy- I understand the need to make this series core, I wasn’t really referring to this, but wanted to point out that galactic heroes are not currently highlighted in the Marvel Universe. With a movie coming up, it makes sense for Marvel to try to have a series for viewers to jump on to. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense (to me) to make this a key aspect of an inter connected Universe.

15. Deadpool- The last title that has been officially announced, and it makes no sense to me. Deadpool is insanely popular in the 15-17 year old demographic, but his fans stagger off after that. Yes he’s still extremely popular, he’s not an important character to Marvel’s over all story telling initiative. Further more, if Marvel is trying to make him more important to this core initiative, I will honestly have to jump ship now. I understand why Deadpool is popular, but in my opinion, it’s only because he can do anything that makes him so popular. To bind him into Marvel’s interconnected universe limits him drastically. But more on this later.

The rest of the titles are up for grabs. Of the 15 titles officially announced I predicted 13/15 of them. Why? Because I’m awesome. With Spider-Man not being apart of the core Marvel Universe, with Wolverine and the X-Men remaining unaffected by the shift, that leaves 5 more titles to go. Here is my revised guess-work for them.

Daredevil (on my original list)- Mark Waid reinvigorated the character, and with Bendis giving him a Dark Knight Returns style book, it only makes sense to keep this character core. If Marvel is indeed trying to establish what is inter connected and what isn’t.

We are still down an X-Men title, I predicted Uncanny X-Force in my last post but as seeing that Wolve’s isn’t in, I have a feeling that this title won’t be in either. That makes it anyone’s guess. But given Point One, I think it will have Cable on it.

Nova- We still could see a Nova title, especially given that he has been teased in Point One.

Ant-Man (or something with him in it)- It seems to be a trend in giving movie stars their own comic. Given that he’s got a movie coming, was teased in Point One, and is a fan favorite character, I expect him to be more important in the Marvel NOW! initiative. Whether Marvel is worried about connectivity or not.

Journey into Mystery As teased in Point One, Loki is still in his kid form (don’t ask me how he was de-aged, I don’t know) along with other young Asgardians. As seeing that Loki is still the star of JiM, I would go so far as to say that they will launch it as apart of Marvel NOW! Since they don’t appear to be worried about connectivity.


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  1. Small note of clarification: Loki died as a result of the events in Dark Siege and was reincarnated/reborn during Fear Itself.

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