Divided We Fall: Chapter Three

The last chapter showed Captain America returning to action amidst the back drop of another major crisis in Ultimate America. Marvel seeks to further take things away from our heroes and push them to the edge. We have already witnessed the loss of Asgard (see Ultimates 1-6), and as I stated last time, Tony’s days are numbered.

In Ultimate Comics Spider-Man we see Miles caught in a problem that has caused the media to go crazy. The latest arc wrapped up with Miles fighting his uncle, and having his uncle die in the fight. The media saw the fight and has blamed Spider-Man. While this is normal for super heroes (especially Spider-Man) the broken state of America has increased the drama over the incident to insane levels. So while the X-Men are on a revenge mission and the Ultimates are trying to cope with all of the problems, Spider-Man has been alienated and ostracized, losing faith in what he does.

However, Cap has never seen Miles before, nor was he actually aware he existed. Feeling responsible for Peter’s death, he leaves to go make sense of the situation and ultimately be a dick to Miles. Aunt May and Gwen Stacey arrange a meeting with miles to help him through the problems. The stage is now set. The X-Men out for blood, the Ultimates are broken, and now Miles is alienated. With Cap opposing Miles, it would appear the banner “Divided We Fall” refers directly to our three groups of heroes. If they don’t work together, then America will surely die.

It was a slow read, but the set up is over! Divided We Fall can now take full swing!

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