The Newest Green Lantern Is…

I have mentioned numerous times that I am quite excited for the new Green Lantern. There has been much speculation about him since he was announced, but today it was finally revealed what his name is.

His name is “Baz”. Yes, you heard me right. Now while that sounds awkward and silly at first, if you look at some of the speculation surrounding him then it makes sense. Sort of. Lets look at his design. He has a full face mask, is clearly not white, and has what appears to be Sanscrit written on his arm. Most speculation has pegged him a Muslim. While I am not familiar with Islamic culture, it is conceivable to me that Baz might be a shortened Islamic name. Again, I am not familiar with that faith, nor their faith culture-type but it seems to me that Baz might just be a shortened Americanized nickname for something that is much longer and hopefully more culturally relevant.

This being said, “Baz” is clearly here to stay. As he takes full focus of the Green Lantern title in September’s Zero Month issue, and will helm the title through The Third Army. In addition to this he’s also appears to be the primary lantern in the looming Trinity War event. Despite his name, he’s here to stay for quite a while. If you want to discover this new character for yourself, then you’ll have to pick up Superman Annual #1. If you want to know while he’ll be the go to Lantern in the future, you’ll have to read Green Lantern Annual #1.

If you want to discuss this new lantern comment here, on Twitter, or on Facebook. I’d love to chat.

Until the next time, live long and prosper.



4 thoughts on “The Newest Green Lantern Is…

  1. I’ll be interested to see how this new GL unfolds. If he is in fact of Islamic descent, I just hope that DC has it in them to portray him in good taste.

    • I agree, though they did Nightrunner in great taste. I really enjoyed his character. He was Islamic, but it wasn’t in your face. Conservative media still got quite upset.

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