The Ten Must Buy Zero Month Titles

I have gotten ahead of myself. A few weeks ago when DC’s October solicits were revealed, I posted about what I was most excited for from that line up. Many of which are not on my normal pull list. However, I have not discussed what I’m most excited about from the Zero Month titles, and as you may expect, it’s a little different from the October list. These are the ten titles that I absolutely must have.

10. DC Universe Presents #0: This comic has appeared on both lists, probably because DC has really stepped up the quality on the book. By not focusing on one story, but instead having several smaller stories related to several cancelled titles. This is smart, as readers of any one of the 4 titles being represented will get new material for their favorite cancelled title (mine was Blackhawks), but they can also read some of the other titles that they may have missed. And with most of the trades being out by the time this issue is, a reader could easily grab a trade of one of the other series’ represented in the book.

9. Captain Atom/Resurrection Man/Voodoo #0: While it will be bitter-sweet for me to see Mitch Shelly go, RM’s time has come. I will also miss Captain Atom, the story has struggled but J.T Krul and Freddie Williams II have put their hearts into this book. It’s hard to see a title with that much love in it go. I think it’s time for Voodoo to go, I have heard the title is decent but I was honestly surprised that it wasn’t cancelled sooner. I have no doubt that both Captain Atom and Voodoo will appear again, but while fans of these titles wait, we have these three one shots to go.

8. Stormwatch #0: Perhaps this is where my support for the title comes into play, perhaps my bias put it on the list. However, Stormwatch has been a…. struggling title. Not because of quality, but because of direction. DC has not attempted to justify why they need to exist in tandem with the Justice League, and we have not been told yet why J’onn is leaving the team (DC’s only member on an all Wildstorm Title). The solicitation claims to solve the first problem by revealing more of their history. While you might be rolling your eyes now, a good justification is all it needs to really kick this title in shape. It also bills that they will be facing a new villain in the issue, perhaps this villain will be a DC character we’ve seen before.Helping to bind Stormwatch closer with DC?

7. Earth 2 #0: As I have stated previously, I am extremely excited over the Earth 2 series, after the villain for the first arc was initially announced so was the zero month title. This issue will focus on that villain, and I am a man all about my villains.

6. Superman #0: Scott Lobdell launched Superboy to the New 52 with much success, helping to make DC’s Young Justice end of the line up stronger than anyone had ever imagined. While he has since left that title, it appears that he has moved up. No longer will he be working on Superboy, but Superman. Since Superman has been very inconsistent and poor, having gone through 3 creative team switches in just 9 issues. Scott will be the fourth writer to try his hand at this title, hopefully he can work the same wonders on Superman as he did Superboy.

5. Wonder Woman #0: It’s a no brainer. Given that Azzarello has already changed so much about Wonder Woman’s origins, I am interested to see what else is changed for the character. I have yet to complain about the series, as Azzarello has worked wonders with it, but given how much I care for the character, I can’t afford to miss one update. This title is not just for the readers of the series, but for anyone who enjoys or wants to enjoy Wonder Woman as well.

4. Teen Titans #0: Are you surprised that this is not on my list? You shouldn’t be. Teen Titans has been a strong title, yes there have been some continuity misgivings (this is the first TT team, or is it….?) but the title has been strong (even with Tim’s costume). So while DC has said that Tim was never a Robin I am not really concerned about it. Given the condensed history, he had to be Robin shortly after Jason’s death, he probably chose Red Robin as his identity to preserve the memory of Jason Todd. I am more concerned with his intelligence. Tim was always the nerd, not an olympic level athlete. That’s truly what I’m concerned about, not the semantics over his name.

3. Green Lantern #0: This is the origin of the mysterious human lantern who first appears in Superman Annual #1. DC has kept tight lids on this new lantern, but that hasn’t stopped speculation from flying around the internet. The character is clearly not white, but a closer look shows that he isn’t African-American either. That and the writing on his arm would suggest he’s from the Middle East. Could DC be adding more diversity to their line? It certainly paid off with Alan Scott, and I’m sure it would pay off again.

2. Batgirl #0: This is it. This issue is the moment everyone, not just readers, have been waiting for since September. The story of how Barbara got out of the chair. We all know how she got in it, but we don’t know how she’s gotten out (other than it was a “miracle”). Gail Simone has captured my heart (for the billionth time) and gotten me so emotionally invested in her series that I will read the comic explanation or not. However, many people have stopped reading because they want to know what happened. This comic is the perfect opportunity to say “well here you go, but you missed a lot”. So while I just want the brilliant story, most of the nerd world is holding their breath in anticipation of what “the miracle” was.

1. Justice League #0: This is the comic I’ve been waiting for my entire life. A solo entry about Captain Marvel….. err I mean Shazam. Forever one of my favorite characters, but doomed to second best status. This issue will be all about him, and no one else. If this issue goes well, we could even see him show up in DCU Presents:, perhaps even in his own solo title a year or so down the line. If the comic is nailed (as I suspect it will be) then an entire new world of possibilities will await not only mine, but history’s favorite super hero. Seriously, that last part is true. He outsold Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman combined after Doctor Wortham killed the comic book industry.

As you can see, this list is quite a bit different from my October line up, but with such a unique aspect, it’s hard not to be excited for what Zero Month could mean. These are what I’m most excited/anxious for, what about yourself. What Zero Month title do you want to read the most?

Until the next time, live long and prosper.



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