Divided We Fall: Chapter One

Marvel’s Ultimate Universe has always been appealing, I have secretly been consuming as much of the current Ultimate Universe. Since the Ultimate Marvel Universe relaunched for the second time last year after Death of Spider-Man, I have been increasingly interested in the Ultimate Universe. While the Ultimate universe has many flaws (including, but not limited to Ultimatum) the fact that an entire connected universe of comics is in 3 different series’.

That being said, Divided We Fall is the first major crossover between the new Ultimate Universe. Chapter One unfolds on the pages of Ultimate Comics X-Men #14. Within the issue, the struggling group of mutants are not only being hunted by armed soldiers (the result of last years Death of Spider-Man) but are hunting the figured heads of Strikers anti-mutant religion. We see the first clear picture of the Universe that has been shattered by conflict, as the United States has plunged into chaos and anarchy.

While the first chapter is hard to judge, it crossover seems to have started off on a solid foot. I am interested to see how the remaining X-Men, Ultimates, and Spiderman interact in this chaotic world that they live in.

Stay tuned for my coverage of Chapter Two.

Until the next time, live long and prosper.



3 thoughts on “Divided We Fall: Chapter One

  1. The Ultimate Universe has always interested me because most of the writers do treat it as though they know they can get away with things. While there were a few problems in regards to continuity between the titles (Millar’s Ultimates in particular seem to have plenty of world shattering events that no other titles seem to deal with; that is until Death of Spider-Man), they had quite a few good stories and reimaginings. Then Loeb joined. Damnit, Loeb…

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