Ravingnerd Reviews: Star Trek/Doctor Who #3

I was unaware that this issue was shipped this week rather than next week, thus I’m a few days late. As you may have noticed, I have not really been enjoying the series. Both the first and second issue focused on nothing but set up, set up that has felt unneeded. Issue #2 was perhaps a little bit better, but it still ended up being rather boring and slow. However, both casts are united for the first time in this issue, and here is what I liked.

1. Amy shows up in maybe two or three panels. This issue focuses on the Doctor and the TNG cast, and nothing more.
2. The cover isn’t just there to be flashy and awesome, it represents a key point to the story, which kicks all sorts of ass.
3. The issue implicates that the Cybermen have existed in the Star Trek universe before, and that we don’t quite know what to expect from the “Cy-Borgs” yet.

Rating before reading: 6
Rating after reading: 9

I believe my ranking is over generous, but it will stand based on my fan boy attitude for both series’. This issue would still probably end up an eight if you weren’t familiar with one half of the cast, as I am assuming most people are more familiar with Doctor Who than Star Trek (at least in my social group they are). I can’t really say much about the issue because of spoilers, but it rocked. It combined two generations of Star Trek and Doctor Who, leaving the opportunity for different generation crossovers, which would be rather awesome. If you are a fan of Doctor Who and/or Star Trek, and you have seen more Star Trek than just TNG and more Doctor Who than just the modern series, you will absolutely die.

Until the next time, live long and prosper.



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