Justice League #11

I don’t want to post a review since I haven’t reviewed any other JL issue. However, despite this I can’t help but discuss it. I loved the issue, if I was reviewing it, I’d probably give it a ten. Everything fit together and flowed very well. Better than it has the past few issues.

I have been informed by multiple people on Twitter, text message, and facebook that they disagreed with the judgement. Some dislike the run, some the characters, and one dislikes the plot. I am stunned by this. As a fan, an issue like this one eas all I needed to enjoy a series. All this action blended by Jim Lee’s beautiful art and Geoff Johns’ amazing wit.
So yes I loved this issue, and enjoy the series itself. If you don’t, I’d love to hear why not. Not to make an argument, but to see the series from another’s eye.

Until the next time, live long and prosper.


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