The Tragedy of Stephanie Brown

By now most of you are probably aware that Dan Didio has confirmed that Stephanie Brown will indeed not be appearing in Smallville Season 11 as previously stated. Rumors have been flying since the start of SDCC that she was replaced, and even yesterday as fans questioned whether or not Stephanie would be returning. Many news sources criticized certain fans for asking the question, which is in itself wrong. I have yet to discuss why I really picked up blogging about nerdy news and such, it’s because major nerdy media are rude and out of touch with the modern fan.

But I digress, my main point is that Stephanie Brown is not going to return to the current comic books, in any form. I earlier praised DC for giving the character a chance to appear in a small comic, but now I can do nothing but criticize DC on the matter. Smallville Season 11 is not a huge comic, digital first comics are generally not as big as main stream comics. Adding Stephanie Brown to Smallville Season 11 would have expanded the readership for that series exponentially. Perhaps only in the short-term, but still people would have flocked to the book to see Stephanie Brown. Instead, DC has turned away many prospective readers. The bitter sting of what could have been will prevent me from ever reading this title. While that may sound ignorant and close minded I think that DC has been close minded on this matter.

DC advertised that Stephanie would be returning, dodged all sorts of questions when someone somewhere suggested that she had been replaced, and has been insensitive to the change since it was made official earlier today. DC offers no explanations to fans, they give us no reasoning for the switch, and they act as if they haven’t made a mistake at all. Like we as fans are stupid, and don’t actually know what we want. Smallville is a small time comic that is made for a digital market, it means literally nothing to DC comics in the scheme of things, yet DC can’t even introduce a new version of a character that they said would not appear in the New 52. DC has made so many mistakes on this matter it’s not even funny. While at the end of the day I will still love DC and read their comics, they have lost serious credibility. My dislike for the way Dan Didio runs press announcements (and the comic line itself) continues to prove frustrating.

While I am nothing more than a humble nerd like you, my dear reader, the time has come. We can seek change by organizing, and focusing our efforts into one task. We are not trying to cause problems, nor are we believing that we can get Stephanie Brown into comic books. All I want is to get #bringStephanieback trending on Twitter. If enough people tweet and ask for retweets, then we can make this goal a reality. By trending this, we can effectively send DC a message that fans are not happy with their decision, and that we can organize to prove this. Fans often get upset with companies, rarely does this frustration organize into something productive. So please, tweet with my hashtag and ask for retweets, let’s see if we can’t inform DC that we are unhappy.

Until the next time, live long and tweet.



4 thoughts on “The Tragedy of Stephanie Brown

    • I have already stated why it’s better for Ted to exist outside the main stream world, but I would love to see him back in E2 or another Earth. I also disagree, Stephanie Brown was so much more than Robin. She was a character who evolved and grew more than any other Bat character between 2000-2010. She and Tim represent the Batman stories people of my generation grew up reading.

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