What’s Next in Earth 2?

Hello everyone, as you all probably know, I am not at SDCC, that doesn’t however stop me from commenting on the panels that we hear about through the great device known as the internet.

James Robinson just got done with a spot light panel and discussed the shades of things to come on Earth 2. As anyone who has read Earth 2 #3, the main villain was established in the past issue *spoiler* well sort of spoiler, it’s Grundy. And he looks bad ass *end of spoiler*. However Robinson revealed that the true evil will be the character that appeared in #2, the mystery man on the cover of #0 *spoiler* it’s Terry Sloan *end spoiler*. This sounds like an epic story, the villain we are led to believe is the main evil is not in fact, but perhaps a larger ploy by Earth 2’s smartest man? Regardless the plot is going to get really awesome, really fast.

Though hinted in #3, Doctor Fate is not slated to show up in the foreseeable future, which means people like myself will have to wait a little more to see my favorite magician in comics. So far the foreseeable cast is set at Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, and Mister Terrific. We have seen Al Pratt show up, meaning he’s not to far away from being introduced as the Atom.

In addition to this, it has been revealed that Hourman (also referenced in passing) will show up by issue #8, and that Wildcat is close as well (I don’t want to spoil anything, but I personally know that he’s been changed quite drastically). James has also stated that a new version of Jade and Obsidian could be added years down the line. It is nice to know that he’s planning on staying on the title for the long-term.

So the cast is set. Green Lantern, Flash, Hawkgirl, Mister Terrific, Atom, Wildcat, and Hourman are just on the horizon. How do you feel about this line up? Do you like the cast? Is it missing anyone you’d love to see? Please drop a comment with your dream Justice Society.

Until the next time, live long and prosper.



6 thoughts on “What’s Next in Earth 2?

  1. I’ll have to research a bit to learn more about Atom and Hourman, but everyone else looks great. Like I’ve said before, I really enjoy Earth 2, and look forward to reading it for a long time to come. I usually don’t like long origin setups, but Earth 2’s first three issues were done in such a way as to keep the story interesting through the setup. Now I’m just ready for some kick-ass battles 🙂

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