Ravingnerd Reviews: The Amazing Spider-Man

Hello everyone! I doubt there is any need for me to discuss who I am or why I am reviewing this movie. Nor do I need to explain my opinions on the Marvel Comics Group, most of you know my opinion on that matter well. Last time I reviewed a movie was the Avengers, when I gave it admirable praise. Today I saw another Marvel movie (though this one wasn’t produced by Marvel Studios) and am now reviewing it. I will use my same manner of movie reviews, which involve seven different aspects of a comic book movie that I want the most. I generally weight accuracy (what little there can be in a comic book movie) and how they compare to other movies. Let me begin.

The cast: Andrew Garfield did a pretty spectacular (pun intended) job as Peter Parker. There wasn’t a whole lot to his character that really needed to be different. His performance was enhanced by the lovely Emma Stone giving life to a rather lifeless character (yes cruel comic book joke intended, for the few who got the reference/joke). Their chemistry on-screen was amazing, probably the best super hero love story ever seen on-screen. Sally Field and Martin Sheen were brough in to play Aunt May and Uncle Ben, and while both were relatively under-used in the movie, they were great none the less. Where this movie really shined was with Denis Leary as Captain Stacey, and in my opinion he stole the show. Rhys Ifans is cast as Doctor Conners. While the role of Doctor Conners/the Lizard is particularly dry and hard to bring to life, it was done so admirably. Making sure what could have been the weakest point of the entire movie into a bearable point.

The Plot: The plot can be split up into two parts. The origin part and the Spider-Man part. The origin part is slow-moving, and fresh on everyone’s minds (who didn’t know Spidey’s origin going into this?). The Spider-Man half of the movie was without a doubt, the best portrayal of Spider-Man within major media. Hands down better than either of the previous three. So if you were looking for criticism, I hate to say you’ll have to go else where.

Fighting/Action/Drama/Suspense: If there is one thing a Spider-Man movie is good with, it’s building suspense. I have had a moment where I shake in my seat during every Spider-Man film. I am not squeamish, and don’t do that often, so when a movie can do it, I am surprised and happy. The action was alright. The Lizard was way to CGI to be really interesting, and honestly the fights were more about Peter being on defense (but that’s kinda how his powers work). I would also like to make note that his “Spider-Senses” weren’t highlighted. Which is a very good thing.

Obscure Nerd References: There weren’t any. Not really. The fact that Norman Osborne is involved is literally shoved into your face every 15 minutes, preventing any real easter eggs. The Stan Lee scene was probably the best Stan Lee moment in a Marvel movie, and was quite funny. Finally the cut scene presented who could be the next villain, but I have a very confident guess as to who it is, if they decide to go that route.

The Closeness to the Comic it Hails From: It’s an origin story with a twist. I am not going to tell you that I liked the little bit of a twist, because I didn’t. The film was rather dark, and unless I’m mistaken, that’s not really who Spider-Man is. Perhaps this origin was supposed to reflect Spider-Man circa One More Day? The tone of the movie and that comic fit together.

Comparison to Other Like Films: It is hands down better than any of the previous Spider movies. It erases any painful memories from Spiderman 3, and allows us to move on with a better casted, better acted, and better scripted movie.

Favorite Part of the Movie: Andrew and Emma’s chemistry, seriously its spot on.
Least Favorite Part of the Movie: He couldn’t keep his mask on. Hundreds of people have seen his face, and the bad guy at the end knows who he is. No one other than me see’s a problem with this? Has anyone read Identity Crisis?

The Amazing Spider-Man earned a rank of 6.

It was a solid movie that outshined all previous movies within its history. My one complaint with the movie is how slow it builds up. If I were to review the origin half I would give it a 5, but if I were to review the Spider-Man part I’d give it a 7, this comes down to an average of 6. I genuinely enjoyed the movie, but so much of it was origin that I would fast forward through every time I watched the DVD.



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