Ravingnerd Reviews: Before Watchmen: Minutemen #2

Yesterday marked the first second issue of the Before Watchmen series. I was worried how the second issues would compare to the first, and how that would translate for the entire series. If you recall from my review of Minutemen #1, I was specifically worried at how this series would transfer from a dynamite first issue, into the second. Knowing that the plot could get bogged down in the course of six issues. Let me start off with what I liked.

1. Darwyn Cooke is still an amazing artist, the art for Hollis Mason in his middle ages is done really well.
2. All of the characters are presented as bad asses. Ursula is perhaps the coolest character in the entire Before Watchmen line, strong enough she could hold her own title.
3. Hooded Justice + Captain Metropolis. Mystery debunked, enough said.
4. The sheer amount of development of these characters is stunning. We are only two issues in and every character is well-developed.

Rating before reading: 7
Rating after reading: 9

This issue was brilliant and astounding. All of my fears about how the second issue would be were put to rest, the writing and art combine to make a brilliant story. In addition to this, all of the characters are so well-developed that you can’t help but love each and every one of them. This comic is one brilliant read. And for a second issue to be this strong, its brilliant.

Until the next time, live long and prosper.




3 thoughts on “Ravingnerd Reviews: Before Watchmen: Minutemen #2

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