State of the DCU #3

I am going to take a break from reviews. Rather than over do it, I will post a string of reviews tomorrow expect Minutemen and Harbinger (maybe a surprise too!). Now I am going to take a minute out to discuss how the current DC Universe is doing, and discuss DC news. No Marvel, no nonsense, just good ole fashion DC.

I will start off with the disturbing news that Jim Lee is leaving Justice League. I haven’t heard an official announcement for it, but the series will fall in sales drastically if Jim Lee leaves. This bothers me, JL is a great book, and as long as Johns stays on it I will continue to buy it, I am just bugged by the fact that Lee would leave to launch another title. Nothing in the DCU should be more important than JL, and they should strive to have the industries top talents on the title (Johns and Lee). So if Lee is leaving, the title he picks up on better as hell be a good one.

Next I would like to move on to Zero Month. I am so excited about the creative possibilities of the zero issues. I am looking forward to reading the backstories of specific characters, though they are mostly Batman titles. I don’t really have a whole lot to say about Zero Month, other than I’m super excited about all of the titles. AND THE COVERS!!!! Yes, I’m super excited. So very excited!

Trinity War! What will it mean, what will happen, and who will be involved? We know nothing about what will happen, but we do know that a schism will be struck in the Justice League and that the new Green Latnern will be involved.

Speaking of which, who is the new Green Lantern? We are little more a month away from finding out in the Superman Annual. Right on the heels of that we get to read him in the Zero Month title.

Speaking of Lantern, what happens to Hal and Sinestro? Why are they not teased for October? Once again we have to wait until next month to find out.

Well, I think that’s enough senseless ranting and raving for a day, I’ll be back tomorrow with more of my awesome content!

Until the next time, live long and prosper.



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