Before Watchmen Primer!

WIth this week beginning the string of second Before Watchmen issues, I decided to make it super easy to catch up on all of my previous posts.

Minutemen started off Before Watchmen with a bang, being the most sold Before Watchmen title in June, and being the 5th most sold comic book the month.

Silk Spectre surprised everyone. The issue was stunningly drawn and well scripted. Thanks to Amanda Conner, this issue was the 7th most sold comic of June, and the third most sold Before Watchmen title.

Comedian showed us a human side to the character that had never been seen before. Brian Azzarello piloted this comic to the 6th most sold comic of June, and the second best-selling Before Watchmen title.

Nite-Owl was JMS’ triumphant return to comics. While this issue was the least selling of the Before Watchmen line, the read was good and it earned the spot as the 8th best sold comic of the month.

Ozymandias is less than a week old, but has already got quite a bit of attention. Len Wein and Jae Lee do an absolutely brilliant job at creating a story, Ozymandias is bound to be a top ten title for this month of July.

This week we’ll see the second issue of Minutemen. I am anxious, and hope that it is just as good as the previous one. I also hope that it continues to build upon the excellence of the Before Watchmen line.


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