New to the 52- Who’s Back and Who’s Still Missing

Amid all of the fuss form Marvel’s Marvel NOW! reveal, which I have discussed two-fold. DC has made some news of their own, of course you all know that the Joker will be the main focus of next years Batman story arc. But everybody know’s that, how about some things that you might not have known?

First off Blue Devil will be returning in the pages of DCU Presents next year no details as to his new origin, but his new design looks pretty awesome. He will have to fight along side a major DC character who has also yet to appear. Black Lightning. While some might be underwhelmed by this announcement, I was ecstatic. Black Lightning is one of my favorite heroes of all time and I’m glad to see that he will be brought back into the DCU. While a team up with him and Blue Devil seems awkward, it means Black Lightning exists and that’s all that really matters to me (well that and them doing him right).

Fan favorite villain Solomon Grundy also appeared in the New 52 this week, in a very different role than before. How drastically has he changed? We aren’t certain yet, but he looks terrifying and has some scary new powers.

Wonder Woman’s villain/nemesis the Cheetah will appear on the pages of Justice League #13 and #14 and Geoff Johns has stated that he intends to elevate her to the same level that he gave to pre- 52 Captain Cold, Sinestro, and Black Manta. While Jim Lee will be off during these two issues, I am excited to have Johns work his magic and make Minerva a bad ass for perhaps the first time in her history.

So that’s 5 characters within a week, not bad for stalwart DC fans. While this news might have gotten lost in the Marvel craze, it certainly didn’t escape me! Thoughts on the return of these characters?

I will point out that Stephanie Brown has also appeared in comics again, while not in the New 52 she is portraying the role of Nightwing in Smallville Season 11. Her design looks awesome, and I urge any fan of Stephanie to check her out.

Finally there are still some of my favorite characters missing. Doctor Fate has yet to appear in either the main DCU earth or earth 2. Nor many of the Justice Leaguers between Cry for Justice and Dick’s run (Plastic Man, Red Tornado, Doctor Light, etc.). Who are you missing? Who would you like to see added next?

Let me know what you think, who you miss, and who you think should go away.

Until the next time, live long and prosper.



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