Ravingnerd Reviews: Spider-Men #1

Here it is, my first “Adventure in Marvel” will take place now, as I attempt to follow and complete an entire Marvel story arc Spider-Men was the logical choice, as I could budget the first issue and will be able to afford the next four. Spider-Men was also appealing because it allowed me to introduce myself to both of Marvel’s main stream universes, which is a good opportunity for a reader like myself to find other points of entry into different series’. Finally, this series got quite a bit of hype, while I’m not sure it deserved it, here is what I liked.

1. Peter Parker is a smart ass. I have to admit that I had no idea that he was so funny, and I found his humor refreshing. Though I doubt I could read a whole lot of him without getting very tired of his banter.
2. While a smart ass, Peter began with a rather brilliant internal monologue, and I was blown away with its complexity.
3. Peter has no idea what happened in the Ultimate universe, and that will make for some serious fun in the future.

Rating before reading: 5

Rating after reading: 6

It was an average issue. What hurt it was how slow it moved. NOTHING happened. Well not much at least, and that bugged me. In addition to that, it bugged me that a B rank villain was chosen to be the character behind it and that it was from Peter’s point of view. I’d much rather have seen it from Miles’ point of view. So while it was a decent read, it suffered from the normal first issue funk of extreme set up. Only Peter’s wit and monologuing kept me interested throughout. I am looking forward to comparing issue 2 with this one.

Until the next time. Live long and prosper.



11 thoughts on “Ravingnerd Reviews: Spider-Men #1

  1. Yeah! That’s what was always wrong with the Toby Maguire Spider Man movies, Peter becomes a different person when he’s in costume, and in those movies he wasn’t funny enough!

      • There’s a few scenes in one of the many trailers that show that he might be. Also, don’t count him out of Avengers 2. There were plans to put the Oscorp building in the New York skyline in The Avengers, but it didn’t happen because the CGI was already finished. So let’s hope for some cross over stuff in Amazing Spider-Man.

      • But Billy. Disney doesn’t own production rights to Spiderman. Sony does, and by making this movie, Sony will keep sole production rights for another 4 years. By business logistics he can never show up in the Avengers because he is owned by a different company. This is the reason a Ghost Rider movie came out last year, not to make money. But to keep the rights for him with Sony and away from Disney. The same goes for X-Men and their owner Fox.

      • Well, they’ve already managed to show off a good smart-ass scene with him, so hopefully more will be there. More to the original subject, I have been very curious about this series. And yes, in the hands of a good writer, the monologues and jokes can save a mediocre issue very well.

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