The Nerdiest Centennial in History

Yes that’s right. This is my 100th post. I will supplement this post by discussing the top five posts out of the previous ninety-nine. But more on that later.

When I set out to blog, just mere months ago, I hadn’t anticipated that my blog would take off quite this much. I have more views than I ever could have imagined. Averaging 35 a day (and averaging visits from 3 countries a day). This post isn’t so much about super nerdy things, but an evaluation of the highlights from my blog.

I will start off by stating that I average 52 comments a month. As a nerd, I laughed extremely hard at this fact. Now, onto my top commenters.
1. Greg Coleman- I should have known that he would have achieved this slot.
2. Allen Prince- Allen rocks. And he brings excellent thoughts and conversations to the table.
3. Ashley Prince- Probably my earliest and biggest supporter, I would not be blogging without her and Allen’s recommendations.
4. Shayera- I don’t know who you are. All I know is that I could discuss nerdy things with you every day of the week, given the opportunity.
5. Brad- Always my voice of reason, and the one person I can always trust to reign in my opinion.
A huge thank you to the listed 5, and everyone who has commented on my blog. It is a wonderful feeling to feel listened too. And many of the comments on my blog came at times I really needed it.

My blog has been viewed in 24 countries, which is far greater of an audience than I ever felt I deserved. The 5 countries that have visited this site the most are:
1. United States- Well obviously, I reside here and majority of my contacts do too.
2. Germany- Who’d have thought, though my friend Sarah made it apparent that German’s love nerdy things. Who’d have thought.
3. United Kingdom- HELLS YES!!!! That’s about all I need to say.
4. Puerto Rico- ALL of these views have come from my friend Marlene, I’m certain.
5. Australia- While I know people in Australia, I am surprised that my site has been viewed this many times from people from Australia. Either Kirra enjoys my blog more than she lets on, or other Australian’s love me too.

Well, I was curious to discover what my most viewed posts were, and have decided to include the top ten, rather than five. But before that, I shall discuss my personal favorite posts.
1. A Controversial Opinion About a Controversy- I put quite a bit of work into this post, and put quite a bit of personal feelings into it. This combined with some true experiences led me to love this post.
2. Aquaman King of… Comics?- I am more pleased with the fact that this post was possible. That we exist in a society in which Aquaman is a best seller. How can one not root for the underdog?
3. Watching the Storm: The (Near) Inevitable Death of Stormwatch- I personally feel that my analysis was extremely accurate, and thing I managed to sum up my thoughts better than most major nerd news companies could.
4. Ravingnerd Reviews: X-O Manowar #1- Aside from being the most viewed comic book review on my site, it was accepted and enjoyed by people within the Valiant company itself. Which makes a nerd feel warm and fuzzy inside.
5. Comic Book Characters that had it Rough- This post is hilariously cruel, it makes me laugh every time I go back and read it. In addition to the humor, it is also delightfully informative.

Well, I suppose I should discuss my most viewed posts now!
1: The Best of the New 52- This was my poll that turned into a smash it. It allowed fans to vote for their favorite comics from the New 52. It is the reason my blog experienced consecutive 100+ days, and why it will be near impossible to top a record of 168 views in a single day.
2. Dallas Comic Con- 2012- This post was another surprise hit, one that shuttled viewers from across Texas to read my post. It was responsible for one of my biggest days on the blog, and has steadily logged 2-3 views a week, even now with Comic- Con nearly over 3 weeks old.
3. Star Wars- I was shocked to realize that this post was third. Though, it was my original game changer. This post was the one that I tagged as “being a game changer”, and in a way it was, as it launched me into my To Boldly Go series, and while To Boldly Go is among my worst viewed posts on my blog, it allowed me to experiment and step away from straight up comic evaluation.
4. Ravingnerd Reveiws: Avengers (in 3-D)!- This post was a sure-fire hit. I purposefully created buzz about my post (like that was hard given my stance on Marvel) and allowed the movie to reach more viewers before unleashing my review. This post made my blog legitimate, gathering internet followers that were originally so hard to obtain. This post also the first post that was viewed by more people not from Facebook or Twitter. Which rocked.
5. What to Expect from DC’s Third Wave- I had no idea that this post would end up being so huge. Since posting it exactly ten days ago, it has gained views from across the world. This post that logged maybe ten views from my followers appealed to a broader internet audience that I capitalized upon with other posts. This post still today gives me traffic (even though DC’s Third Wave has been announced and my speculation is pointless).
6. Life of a Nerd, Issue 6- Though my “Life of a Nerd” series was the least viewed theme on my blog (leading to its cancellation) this post ended up placing on the top ten list. Why is that you ask? Doctor Who. Yes, the only post (well sort of) that discusses Doctor Who in it landed scores of viewers from the internet. I would be wise to do a follow-up, only making a post completely about Doctor Who.
7. The Rise and Fall of Superman- My seminal post. The post that started it all. It is only fitting that it sit within my top biggest posts.
8. Marvel: A Love Story- My post that discussed my secret history with Marvel was sure to attract many people. Even the title suggested my friends might learn something about me they had never discussed before.
9. Which 3 DC Super Teams do You Like Best?- The second biggest poll on my blog, and ultimate prototype for the current champion.
10. The Ides of……. Summer?- This post was my first real “interlude” post. The first time I really stalled my followers and attempted to increase their viewing my blog.

Well now, I know that this post has been about a good lot of nothing. But I felt it only right to commemorate what will influence my next hundred posts, and the people involved with that. And while my posting might become increasingly infrequent, I will do my best to rant, rave, and drone on about things you probably don’t care about anyway. And for all of you that do read, you can be certain that my next hundred posts will be bigger and bolder than ever. After all, I am a greedy nerdy who will not rest until the entire world has access to my brilliance.

Until the next time, live long and prosper.



8 thoughts on “The Nerdiest Centennial in History

  1. I have told friends of your blog, though I cant say they have viewed it. Thank you for mentioning me, I don’t feel worthy of it as I don’t spend the time I’d like commenting in your blog.

    100th posts so fast! And with the fun, informative, easy to follow way you write: I believe your blog will only get better and better. 🙂

    • Well thank you so mucy. I hope I continue to have as much success as I have thus far. And with people like you mentioning it to other people, that’s how I really attract a wider audience of people.

    • I know! 52 a month is the best average a nerd could have!
      And yes, you should. You could totally swarm my top ten posts or my five favorites and comment on them to switch things in your favor.

  2. I am so proud of you for achieving all of this in such a short amount of time! (doesn’t take much effort when you’re awesome, though) I would actually recommend expanding further and reviewing a wider range of things, though I know you’ll never stop talking about the DC Universe, of course.

  3. Sorry for my absence this last week, I’ve been out travelling without any uplink to the states. Great post, and I always enjoy your blogs. Keep ’em coming!

    Also, I’m digging the new page theme. Good call!

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