Insight into DC’s Official Third Wave Titles

I have speculated twice before as to what we would be getting from DC’s Third Wave, and I got two out of the four pretty close. But before I discuss that, I will also say that DC has confirmed that all titles in September will be #0 as apart of “Zero Month”. Then returning in October with issue #13 (except for the Second and Third Wave titles).

Let me start by saying that way back when JLI was cancelled I had complete faith that DC knew what they were doing. This morning I had a loss of faith. My unwavering faith in DC’s decisions was shattered with the announcement of the 4 Third Wave titles. JLI is the only confirmed title being cancelled, but we know that 3 other titles will be cancelled before the Third Wave is released.

It is a sad loss learning that Booster Gold (who has been an important character in at least one series since 52) will be ending that long string of headlining success. However, as I stated in my “The Death of the New 52?” I had complete faith that JLI and Booster would be replaced with another JL title with Booster and J’onn (who is now leaving Stormwatch). DC revealed today that the series filling in for JLI and replacing Booster Gold’s headlining status is Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld.

No. You read that right. This is complete truth. Refer to any official site for confirmation, if you don’t believe me.

So, let me outline and evaluate the 4 new titles.

Sword of Sorcery will be an on going title similar to All- Star Western, that will focus on Amethyst and her ultimate quest to become ruler of Gemworld. I have a hard time saying all of this. No expletive in any combination could describe how poor a decision I think this is. JLI was easily in the top half of DC’s sales, and Amethyst is almost a sure fire bomb (I could be wrong, perhaps she has a shit ton of fans who will now start buying her comic). I can’t believe that DC would replace any title in the New 52 with this. I would be pissed if even Green Arrow or Legion Lost (both of which are trash) were cancelled for Amethyst. But it’s DC, and they know what sells more than I do, that or they want to destroy their integrity. That’s what really is lost here. DC’s integrity. The New 52 was a ground breaking idea, and some of it’s series’ have been ground breaking, turning joke characters (looking at Aquaman) into best sellers. Amethyst will not be apart of any of this. DC’s job should be to try to release best sellers. Not horse shit. Of all the characters that needed an update, Amethyst was far from top ten on ANY fans list.

Phantom Stranger. Because apparently DC thinks people are going to read it if Dan Didio writes it. While this title is at least closer to main stream New 52, the character itself would have to be completely re-invented to do even passingly well. Again, my main concern here is DC should be trying to create best sellers. Phantom Stranger is not going to be a best seller. And Dan’s track record in the New 52 isn’t great, O.M.A.C tanked and Challengers of the Unknown was the least selling DCU Presents series. I am hesitant to think Dan’s writing would help this series in any way. Furthermore, DC threw everyone for a loop when they announced this and Amethyst as half of the Third Wave.

Now I had predicted that we would get a new Bat-Title, and I was right. I didn’t expect DC to decide to ruin Scott Snyder’s brilliant Court of Owls plot with an on going title focused on a Talon running away from the Court. Really, let’s just kick a dead horse. Because that will do a whole lot of good. While this series may seem appealing on the surface, if you think about how Batman will no longer be dealing with the Court at the time Talon is released, it really has no place in the DCU, and has little staying power, as Talon will be the one series trying to keep a concluded story line alive. This title seems like the biggest money grab of all 4 of them. However, the money grabbed from it will only be short term.

As I expected a new Wildstorm title was released, however it did not fold Stormwatch into it as I had hoped. Instead it will consist of 3/4 DC and 1/4 Wildstorm characters (including Grifter). The interesting thing about this title is Amanda Waller, Dinah Lance (Black Canary), Slade Wilson (Deathstroke) and Steve Trevor will be apart of this title. If the team is any indication, Deathstroke and Grifter will be two of the three cancelled titles. This is perhaps the most interesting, but it has quite a bit going against it, more than any comic should have. The main problem being that DC’s Third Wave looks to be a disaster, and even if this is the one saving grace, it will be lost in the fires of DC’s sinking ship of a Third Wave.

So those are my thoughts. Two of my predictions were some what true, while the other two came out of no where. We will no longer be seeing Booster, and who knows what J’onn will be doing after Stormwatch. We know that JLI will be replaced with second rate titles, and that Grifter and Deathstroke will likely be among the comics cut before September. If you have any comments please let me know, and any reassurances that DC knows what they are doing would be appreciated.

Until the next time, live long and prosper.



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