DC’s Third Wave: More Thoughts

Hello all, since my post “What to Expect from DC’s Third Wave” ( https://ravingnerd.wordpress.com/2012/05/31/what-to-expect-from-dcs-third-wave/) has gotten quite a bit of internet buzz (At least three hits a day since I posted it), I have decided to follow up on that post, and discuss again my thoughts and predictions for the Third Wave.

For those of you reading this, while yes I am just a fan, I am using logical reasoning and my experience at detecting and recognizing plot elements helps me to accurately assume what we will see next. And in many instances, it’s not hard to see what’s going to happen.

My previous post discussed my plea for an Authority book (or something of the sort). This idea is more tangible now. With Marvel’s Northstar getting married to his boyfriend this month, and with Alan Scott being reintroduced as gay, it would make sense for DC to try to give Apollo and Midnighter some more press. Both are key characters within the former Wildstorm Universe, but all Wildstorm characters have had problems blending into the DCU as a whole. A relaunched Wildstorm title containing publicity for Apollo and Midnighters’ sexual orientation wouldn’t seem all that far fetched. And with the Daemonites becoming a more integrated part of the DCU (Seen in at least Stormwatch, Grifter, Voodoo, Superman, and I am certain others) an Authority plot featuring say Grifter and others, wouldn’t be so far fethced. However, as I have also previously stated, it would need some DC characters to be feasible. We can’t have a team with no connection to the DCU. So sort of a repeat, but more plausible now. Plus, Jim Lee is only working on one on going title. Perhaps this could hint, or lead to his involvement with his original universe once again. This would also increase readership exponentially.

Black Lightning is one of DC’s most prominent African American heroes, and has not yet been introduced into the New 52. With DC’s diversity virtually eliminated, I think that Black Lighting would be an obvious choice for DC to re incorporate. While he would not make a great solo hero (and DC shouldn’t try) he would be a welcome addition to any team, including the above mentioned Authority/random Wildstorm themed title. He would also tie in nicely to The Outsiders (which I mentioned in my previous post).

On the diversity line, I will go out on a limb and say Steel is another possibility. While Steel has always been a C (perhaps B) rank hero, he is one that is noticeable to fans. Adding Steel to a team (once again, should NEVER have his own title) wouldn’t be such a bad move by DC. His importance in the DCU only kept increasing after Infinite Crisis.

While I despise the Flash, and I mean absolutely despise the new Flash title, a Flash spin off could be quite profitable. An on going Rogues title would bring in new fans, and cause me to have a fifth look at this title I despise. In addition to that, it would be fresh, new and innovative, and allow some new creators the chance to pilot some iconic fan favorites. It would be interesting to see. This is doubtful, but it is plausible because of it’s fan base, and the success of the New 52 Flash franchise.

Who wasn’t a little disappointed when one of the New 52 titles ended up being Red Lanterns? I certainly was. I understand DC’s decision to include another Lantern title, because the Lantern universe is HUGE right now. As my argument with Flash, the Lantern universe is successful enough to draw new readers in with a new series. I’m talking something awesome. Red Lanterns was a disappointment, what if they cancelled that for a Sinestro Corps title? Dare I say, Larfleeze title? (I think it’d probably be better as a one shot though). Anyway, my point being, what if a new Lantern title was added? What if this “mysterious new lantern” teased in Superman annual and in Trinity War got his own title? An on going serious about deep cover lanterns would be pretty exciting.

Some of these titles are pretty unlikely, but DC has thrown curve balls before, and I think the Third Wave will be no exception, I am certain many of these items are on DC’s “to do list”, but who knows what DC’s grand plans are?

Until the next time, I’m Ravingnerd and I’m awesome.



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