Ravingnerd Reviews: Before Watchmen: Minutemen #1

I apologize in advanced, I have only a brief window of time to post this in, and it’s within the next 15 minutes. So here we go.

Before Watchmen started today, the very mention of giving Watchmen a prequel disgusted and revolted people, as any major announcement related to DC does (seriously, why does no one else take crap for it?). The first issue out was one I was always going to read, the Minutemen. Perhaps the most brilliant addition to the roster of Before Watchmen titles, as press agencies like CA and Newsarama will have a harder time complaining about it. Before I say more, this is what I liked.

1. We get a clear introduction, this story is a flashback and leaves the hints as to what will be revealed within Watchmen. So right off the bat, DC clarifies and signifies the importance of Alan Moore’s work.
2. Darwyn Cook knows how to draw a great Golden Age story, and this is no exception.
3. All of the original team members, so few of whom have actual personalities and backstories, are given stories and made into completely different characters, all of which I wouldn’t mind reading more of. Oh wait, I can.
4. It’s Watchmen, right off of the bat, you feel drawn into this world that we are all familiar with.

Rating before Reading: 6

Rating after Reading: 7

I give this issue a very conservative 7. I say that because while the issue exceeded my expectations, I fear that much will be lost when we get the next issue. That isn’t saying you shouldn’t buy the next issue, I just worry that some of the novelty will wear off. All in all, 7 stands as my marker as a pull-list worthy comic, and stands as my preliminary rank of excellence.

Those are just my two sense, I look forward to hearing yours.

Until the next time, live long and prosper.



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