Ravingnerd Reviews: Star Trek/Doctor Who #1

I have long anticipated this title, and I will say this now, I will read it to the end. I am that much of a fan boy. I know both Star Trek and Doctor Who backwards and forwards (especially Star Trek). While I wanted to wait to read this, I couldn’t I was just to excited for it, and here is what I liked.

1. It’s Next Generation. We knew that the Borg was going to be the bad guy, and the Borg have just as much history, or even more with Voyager. I am glad that Voyager was left out of it, leaving us to enjoy a good crew.
2. It features the Borg and the Cybermen.
3. The Borg/Cybermen (Borgmen? Cyberborg? Cy-Borg?) attack Delta IV. And only the biggest of Trekkies would understand how major that attack is, and how devastating that attack would be to the Federation.
4. Rory was a Roman.

Rating before reading: 7
Rating after reading: 6

It was disappointing. The opening pages (beautifully painted, by the way) featured the Federation being ravished, and how the Federation dealt with it. The rest of the comic was Amy complaining on an adventure with the Doctor, while Rory is unappreciated as always. This is the downside to the issue. We don’t see any member of the TNG crew, until the last page. This comic should have been called “Doctor Who! Oh yeah, and some Star Trek stuff.” While I am a fan of both, I am a trekkie. I love Star Trek, and this comic did that part of me a dis-service. I don’t read Doctor Who comics for a reason, and I didn’t want to read one now. That being said, this promises to be an extremely pleasing crossover, even with a first issue that didn’t appeal to myself. Once again, I will read the entire run, I just wanted more Trek in the first issue.

Until the next time, live long and prosper



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