Memorial Day Super Post!

Happy Memorial Day everyone! I hope you all celebrated it in the best way possible! As many of you may know by now, I love lists. And on this day, I will list the seven best soldiers in comics (you don’t get that reference, do you?)! Think this sounds boring? You’re probably right, but I invite you to enjoy! It’s probably the most themed activity you will have done all day!

7. The Punisher. I will say this. Frank Castle is a great soldier. The only problem is whom he attacks. Which is just about anybody in the Marvel Universe. And on occasions, the DCU as well. While he is perhaps the most proficient soldier, he is certainly the most immoral of those on my list.

6. Al Pratt. While commonly known as the Golden Age Atom, this man was a soldier first. Pratt turned is small stature from a disadvantage into a costumed identity. Al become one of the most famous heroes in the DCU, but this status was only born from his status as a soldier.

5. Bucky Barnes. Perhaps one of the greatest soldiers in comics. He falls here on the list because he died young. Well died and then became a Communist Super Soldier. And that’s the thing. This is Memorial Day. It celebrates American heroes, not Communists. AMERICA!

4. Sgt. Rock. One of America’s most enduring soldiers. The Rock has been in print since the 40’s, and has served in virtually every war in the 20th and 21st centuries. Rock is a tough as nails soldier, who cares for his men as only a dedicated leader could. That does not stop him from being the most decorated soldier in the armed forces. Who some how doesn’t age.

3. Diana Prince. Certainly the most beautiful of all of the soldiers in comics. Diana is the very symbol of modern day America. An empowered, but attractive female that can be just as capable as her male counterparts. Unfortunately, this is also often her downfall. For those who don’t read comic books, Diana often gets lost in an insatiable bloodlust. Good soldiers don’t enjoy slaughtering dozens of nazi’s at a time with a magical sword.

2. Bruce Wayne. Yes, it’s a stretch, as he isn’t an actual soldier, but he has dedicated his life to fighting what he sees as evil, and has undergone much training to do so. Bruce Wayne turned himself into a crusader against all odds. So while he is the only person on the list who was never at one point an enlisted man/woman, he certainly deserves the high place on the list he has.

1. Captain America. Come on. I mean come on. Did you think anybody else would be here? He is a cultural icon in both the real world and the fictional Marvel Universe. He is a soldier. That is his thing. The powerful characterization about Cap is that he doesn’t attempt to fight his instincts as a soldier. He instead uses it as a moral bearing and standard for the entire Marvel Universe.


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