A Technological Clash of the Ages

This will start a series of posts, in which everyone’s favorite super heroes will clash for dominance.

Unlike the previous system, I am planning on conducting multiple posts a week with battle rounds. Also, a single loss does not mean elimination, instead of the 32 heroes I have on my list, once every hero has fought every each other, the best records win. If ties exist, then further pairings may have to be done to finish off the pairings.

The arena is the size of a football field, with over hanging lights. Their is a six foot wall before seating starts, and a force field that prevents the audience from being hurt. The arena floor is comprised of semi solid compacted dirt.

Today is a battle of brains and skill, not brawn.

Longtime tech and information man for the JSA, Mister Terrific is the third smartest man in the world, with an array of gadgets at his disposal, including his T spheres. He is also a skilled hand to hand combatant, martial artist, and athlete being trained by Batman, Wildcat, and many other legendary fighters.

His opponent is JLI everyman Ted Kord, Blue Beetle II. While having no powers, unlike his mentor, Ted used his brilliant intellect to build an array of gadgets to use to fight crime. In addition to this, he trained his body starting from an early age, being a great athlete with minor acrobatic skills, and hand to hand combat honed by Batman and Wildcat.

Both contestants have no powers, and rely on their intelligence to fight crime.

I will leave it up to you the viewer to decide who wins this battle.

To choose a contestant, please leave a comment reasoning the winner here, facebook, or Twitter. I will announce the winner in the next battle post.

Until the next time, live long and prosper,



One thought on “A Technological Clash of the Ages

  1. For all of those seeking an answer to this battle, the contributors determined Mister Terrific the winner of the battle. In the end, the battle would be won by MT’s technological edge. Ted Kord was always better in hand to hand combat, MT’s tech would not give Ted the chance to prove his worth. However, for all of you Ted Kord fans out there, it was the general consensus that Ted Kord was the more beloved of characters.

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