Dallas Comic Con- 2012

Hello everyone, I am finally done with comic con. Day 1 provided me with many memorable items, moments, and pictures. Day 2 however was far from memorable.

Comic con. I was so excited about it. And in the end it was not great. I had many great moments, which will last a life time, but I can’t help but discuss the problems. It was poorly staffed, horribly organized, not run well at all. It was almost heartbreaking not being able to do nearly as many things as they claimed we would be able too. Today was so poorly done I ended up refunding my ticket.

Now, onto fun stuff. What DID happen at comic con. And despite all of the flaws, a lot of things good did happen. Now onto the fun stuff.

Len Wein. Aside from the fact that he thanked me for bringing him The New 52 Swamp Thing #1 to sign, but shared some fun information that you all aren’t supposed to know yet. Lets just say, if you are a fan of Swamp Thing, you should be very excited for the future of comics. I don’t currently follow it, but the information I learned makes me want to follow the entire series.

Jimmy Palmiotti. He is an absolutely fabulous guy. He sat us down, chatted with us, and not only did he sign my comic, but he drew an original art Jonah Hex on it. In addition to that, he brought some of Amanda Conner’s work (his artist wife, who was supposed to attend the con) pre signed by her, and I was able to snag a comic that both of them collaborated on. Which was really neat.

Patrick Stewart. Aside from him being hilarious, he walked around the Q&A room so that all could take photographs. He was a laid back guy, and it was brilliant to be in the same room as him. It was really a terrific thing to see and listen too. Most of the questions asked to him were great, and I loved hearing his responses.

John De Lancie. While Patrick Stewart was answering questions, one question was posed to him “who is your favorite villain. And REALLY think about it”. The man was no other than John De Lancie. Who snuck into line to ask questions.

Aside from being hilarious, he and Sir Patrick regaled the audience with numerous behind the scenes happenings, that make me want to go back and re watch the episodes so I can see if I recognize the shenanigans they pulled while on film.

John De Lance did a voice in ponies. While I am not a pony fan, he went on and on about how Star Trek and ponies were very similar. In addition to this, he stated that Discord (his pony character) and Q were very similar. And he urged all Star Trek fans to embrace ponies. This was… a unique and unexpected event.

Today, while on the exhibition floor, he walked past me and my family. “Hi” I said in an extremely high pitched voice. “Hello” he said in a concerned voice, as if he was afraid to be around me.

However, the greatest moment of comic con took place as I was leaving day one. Riding down the escalator, I heard “Clark, Clark!” as I turned, above me on the stair case was a beautiful Supergirl. “I’d love your photo, Clark”. And faster than a speeding bullet I was up the escalator, and we took a photo. She put her arm around me, I was too excited to return the motion. “Thank you. You have a great costume” I said in the highest voice I have ever uttered. The proof is on facebook. It was brilliant. And it was my favorite moment of the past few months.

These were my happenings. I hope you enjoyed my thoughts. If you have questions, I’d be happy to answer.

Until the next time, live long and prosper



5 thoughts on “Dallas Comic Con- 2012

  1. I tried to get a picture with you too, but you were too far away, talking on the phone. (Or something…it was hard to see with my goggles on) hahahaa!

    Maybe in October!


    • I will definately give October a try, I am hoping that future events are better. And if you were the goggled Catwoman, you were the best Catwoman there! And there were lots of not so great ones.

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