Marvel: A love story.

Marvel. You all know my feelings about Marvel. Or do you? Perhaps you just believe in an elaborate rouse I created? Dazzled by my brilliance? Perhaps I am, in fact, the biggest closet Marvel fan the world has ever seen?

The first comic book I ever read was Uncanny X-Men. In fact that comic went down in history as the most sold single issue in the world. I was a 90’s kid. It was next to impossible for me to be unaware of the X-Men. Hell, my favorite pajamas were X-Men pajamas.

I could sit here and tell you stories upon stories about my experiences with the X-Men. Except, I didn’t stop there. No. Fantastic Four was frequently read, Spiderman, Daredevil, Punisher, Moon Knight (the original run). All comics that I frequented often. All characters I enjoyed.

Middle school was dominated with Marvel. Marvel comic galore. You name it, I read it at one point. I could regail you with intricate plot after plot from the 90’s until about 2004. I knew it all.

Then it stopped. I got interested in other things. Then I began to wonder why I never saw the Justice League interact with other characters. It was then I realized that there were two fundamentally different companies. After reading story after story about the Justice League, I moved to Superman. It only seemed right that I let the keystone character of the DCU introduce me to a world as a whole. I then began reading my favorite character of all time. The character that predated my knowledge of X-Men. Batman.

I decided that I had to make a choice. That I had to decide which characters were better than the other. Which company was better. I decided that their had to be a superior company. And as I read DC, after DC, after DC. My answer became apparent. Now being in high school at the time. Everyone around me was saturated with campy Spiderman films, the Iron Man movies, the crappy X-Men Origins film and an decent Hulk film. People talked about how cool Wolverine was. About how awesome Deadpool was. I decided to set them straight. It was in the halls of high school I decided that I would become DC’s greatest champion. To teach the people around me that Superman was indeed, not lame, and that DC’s history and characters outweighed Marvels.

This story is true. Nothing here was fabricated. I am a stalwart DC fan. However, it was my extensive knowledge of Marvel that made me the DC fan I am today.


6 thoughts on “Marvel: A love story.

  1. Meanwhile, I’ve always thought Spider-man and the bat-family was pretty awesome, and wondered who all these other jerks in tights were.

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