Wednesday, May 9th

It’s wednesday!….. Er, yesterday was wednesday, but today I got to re-read yesterdays comics so that I could discuss them here. I’m not going to be formal and inform you of what the other companies released yesterday, all I know is DC kicked ass. With the movement of Batman from week 3 to week 2, it means my ideal pull list for the second week is up to 6 comics. I cut it down to 4 this week (but got one free!), so I just have one back issue to collect. So without further set up, let’s talk comics!

Resurrection Man #9. While this issue teased that it would be Resurrection Man VS the Suicide Squad, it ended up not being so. While the Squad was present, the only combat was between the Body Doubles and Deadshot, or Deadshot and Resurrection Man. Despite this, seeing two government agencies argue over RM, and seeing Waller (skinny or not, she’s still awesome) in action was nice to see. At the core of the issue, it was an attempt to bring RM into closer contact with the DCU as a whole, and I’d say it worked. I am excited for it, and look forward to seeing where it goes in the future.

Green Lantern #9. Was spot on, as usual. In the most recent issue we finally learn the history of the Indigo Tribe. The origin is unique and terrifying all at the same time, and will (as evidenced in this issue) have major ramifications on the universe as a whole. I don’t want to say to much because I despise spoilers. But if you are a Lantern fan, or are just interested in the origins of the corps, then this issue is one for you.

And now, the rest of my pull list was dominated by The Night of the Owls.

Batman #9. It started off slow, and definately was not as epic as some of the previous issues, but the events in the issue led Batman to get pushed over the edge. What this means, we aren’t sure yet. But Batman has even more reasons to hate the Court of Owls. I will also state that my previous thoughts on the Court of Owls was proven wrong within this past issue. Read it, and at the end you’ll understand. The back up story was also awesome, if only for the fact that we get to see in older Talon. And the Talon’s are awesome.

Batman & Robin #9. This issue was a solid tie in and enhanced the feel of the Night of the Owls plot to me. In addition to this, the backstory of the Talon in the issue was awesome to see. I do so love the awesome historical world building that DC has done with this plot line. I will also say that I have to give Damian series props. I have never been a huge Damian fan. Like at all. But his talents seemed suited for this situation, taking control of a National Guard unit and using tactical brilliance, seriously he kicked ass, and is a serious candidate for “Night of Owls MVP” which I will award after collecting the back issues for the event.

Batgirl #9. I LOVED this issue. Batgirl + Japan + Night of Owls= Awesome. While the plot was set in Gotham, the introduction and conclusion both harkened back to WWII Japan. The Talon was dangerous, but suprisingly human at the same time. Barbara puts some of her massive IQ on display in solving the mystery surrounder her Talon, and then kicks some ass. This was an all star issue, and everything went well. We see a member of the Court threaten Gordon, but despite this threat Gordon proceeds to do what the Court threatened him not to do (but really wanted him to do). He is also a serious candidate for NotO MVP. All in all, this is a one shot issue that defines not only the NotO event, but the Batgirl comic in general.

If you have any questions about the event, or any suggestions as to what I should read, leave them


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