Life of a Nerd, Issue 6

Welcome back to another Life of a Nerd post. Hard to believe I am on my sixth entry. My posts have been a little sporadic, however I plan on ending that. According to a recent study, blogs with daily posts get more traffics and are higher commodities. As the premier authority of nerdy things it is my goal to share my thoughts with as many people as possible.

Now, onto my daily nerdiness. How many of you knew there were 7 different lantern rings? 9 if you include the special ones. Apparently less people than I thought, while known throughout the nerd world, outside if it people don’t get it. Everyday I get “is that a Green Lantern ring?” To which I have to explain why my clearly not green ring is actually a different power source. Most people wish I hadn’t told them, but a few get excited and interested in the thought of different lantern corps. While not the hugest lantern fan, I love the symbolism behind the rings, and have all of them to wear at my disposal.

Because I’m a nerd, and a dork, I wear my ring when I need to rely on it’s power the most. When I need to call upon some extra strength, I will wear my green ring. When I am angry and upset with someone or something, the red ring will wind up on my finger. Most often I will wear yellow.

Yellow is my favorite color, but symbolically stands for the ring I need most. Fear. The yellow ring of fear utilizes fear in two ways. It empowers the wielder based on their ability to inspire great fear, but in some cases the fear felt by the wearer. And that is what I need most often. Is the reminder that I can’t be paralyzed by my fear and insecurities, so on goes the yellow ring, I recite the oath, and am good to go for another day. My worries put behind me for the time being.

Well, that got a bit personal, which I apologize for. To summarize my point. I super nerd out when it comes to the mythos of the lantern universe.

Now for something completely different.

Does it bother anyone else that Doctor Who is everywhere now? I walk into my local comic book store and the first thing I see is the insane amount of Doctor Who merchandise, and while I would like to purchase a few of the things there, when did it become so huge? When I discovered it, it was word of mouth from my friend group. Very few people I knew watched the show, and now everyone does. And that bothers me, just a little. Now I have to deal with ridiculous Doctor Who fanboys and girls that didn’t exist (at least not in the open) when the Doctor and I first met. And maybe it’s just me being a fanboy, but does anyone else not enjoy the new series as much as the old one? Season 1-4 I love. 5 is meh, and 6 is eh. I love the Doctor Who franchise as a whole, but would frankly rather watch Tom Baker or Peter Davison serials before watching the new series. Maybe I’m just being hipster, but I dislike where the show has gone.

Well, those are my rantings and ravings for the day, stay tuned for my weekly wednesday post, out tomorrow and until then, live long and prosper



4 thoughts on “Life of a Nerd, Issue 6

  1. With the doctor who thing, I believe it’s more of the “nerdy” subculture expanding. If I asked a few people around work, most of them wouldn’t know what I’m talking about. Also, keep in mind that it’s kind of a big deal in Great Britain, so any anglophiles latch on to it like a barnacle to a whale.

  2. It’s quite a whale. I started watching DW last summer, and since then, I’ve led tons of people to start watching the series. You have to admit that it’s a great show. It’s campy, sure, but can you show me a sci-fi/adventure TV series that isn’t?
    As for the anglophiles, DW is a gateway show to other British TV that’s becoming pretty popular like Merlin, Being Human UK, Supernatural, and Sherlock (BBC version). Naturally, a lot of people are drawn to the variety of genres in it, the multitudes of characters, and the way the entire mood of the show can shift from doctor to doctor. (Side note: If you post a review over Doctor Who, then you really ought to watch Sherlock. The shows are the most outstanding British TV I’ve seen.)

    • I was introduced to Doctor Who a while ago. And have watched as much old and new as I can. I just am not a huge fan of the current series. And I like Matt just fine, it’s everything else that is not so great. And I spend almost every waking hour watching British television, and while I dislike Moffat on DW, I LOVE Sherlock. I thought I’d hate it (I am a huge Holmes fan) but it is perhaps my favorite portrayel of the character to date.

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