To Boldly Go- Part 1

Well this is the title for my newest series, which will detail my thoughts on the Star Trek Universe as a whole. I will break the posts down into segments based on the series.

While my first episode of Star Trek is not from this series, I saw more of this series than any other in my novice Trek watching days. Thanks in part to Syfy (then Sci-Fi) running them at 5 every weekday. This show was none other than Star Trek Enterprise.

While not being anyone’s favorite Star Trek franchise, it ended up being what I watched most in my early days of trekdom. Little did I know then that Star Trek would grow to be a huge part of my life and identity, at the time I was just trying to expand out of Star Wars fandom (refer to earlier blog post).

I was initially drawn to this series because of it’s renovated graphics, it was much more visually appealing than I had imagined Star Trek to be. At the time I was intrigued by the non linear plot line, that is to say the random adventures in space, which were supplemented by The Temporal Cold War plot line, and other reoccurring plots which were also fascinating.

Upon having watched almost the entirety of the series, I can say that I enjoy it. It is certainly not the best, but there are some good things about it.

The best thing about Enterprise is seeing the establishment and foundations of plot devices that grow to be huge in other Star Trek series’. This was by far the best aspect of the show, seeing how well it tied into everything as a whole. In addition to this, Star Trek: First Contact was referenced in an episode, as the remnants of a Borg attack force wreak havoc in an episode. One of the best of the entire series.

Archer, while not my favorite captain, he is the stand out member of this cast. His reluctance, and his over all dislike for combat slowly melting away as the series progresses, as the virtuous man is forced to put is virtues aside to survive.

Finally, the last great aspect of Enterprise is Section 23. Section 23 is the black ops of Star Fleet, reminiscent of the Tal-Shi-Ar, Obsidian Order, or the Jemm Hadar (no idea if I spelt any of those correctly, which probably makes me a horrible trekkie). While not implicitly stated in any episode, it is subtly suggested in numerous episodes that Malcolm Reed plays a large part in the foundation of the organization. For anyone who watched DS9, you know just how awesome Section 23 is.

The rest of the crew fell flat, and the point of the series wasn’t realized until it was too late, which led this show to its demise.

This series ranks 5th in the list of my favorite Star Trek programs, and based on the way I’m breaking it down, there are 6 categories. So Enterprise is not doomed to last place, nor should it be. For anyone who has not watched it heavily, or not seen it recently, I invite you to revisit it. At the very least you’ll spend 44 minutes of your life watching Star Trek. Which is never a bad thing.

Stay tuned for the next post and until then, live long and prosper



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