Life of a Nerd, Issue 5

Hello everyone, it has been a while since I last posted. There are no excuses. My Superman Heroclix came and that’s pretty much all I’ve been doing.

Today’s post is on a little different tangent. I am going to share with you the activities of my limited Twitter feed. Whilst I only have 71 followers, half of whom are spam accounts, I have managed to mingle with the greats. I’m not just talking retweets, I’m talking interactions.

Today I was retweeted by Mark Hamill, followed by another two people. After that, a separate post was retweeted by Batmansgirl, a very respected blogger and tweeter within the nerd community, and that tweet was then tweeted by DC comics. Ah DC.

A while back I managed to make a series of tweets justifying and defending the New 52. After words, DC comics followed me. I almost died. After several retweets and even replies, I managed to make DC mad with my scathing opinions of Flash #7. They unfollowed me. Hold up a second. Not only did DC comics follow me, some dude with (at the time) 50 followers, but they cared enough about my opinion to get upset by it and unfollow me. It’s this brilliance that makes me feel heard, as a nerd, and someone aspiring to be a titan of the nerd world, I can’t help to feel overwhelmed by the press. Since then, DC and I have maintained our level of Retweets and comments, having an interesting conversation a few days ago about new comics day.

I also have been retweeted, commented, advertised, followed and unfollowed by Mark Waid. A current titan of the industry, and all around icon (seriously, the dude is one of the greatest contributors to the nerd world). have been retweeted by Gail Simone (I ADORE HER), and a hand full of other retweets relating to my nerdy posts.

Bottom line is FOLLOW ME!!!!

No, that isn’t the bottom line. The bottom line is that it makes my day when small, insignificant interactions take place with my icons. It keeps me going everyday and reassures me that I am making good choices.

Well, those are the current thoughts of the nerd, if you are interested in following my nerdy journey, you can follow me on twitter, it’s the same name. Don’t forget to use my signature hashtag, #nerdsareawesome

Until the next time, live long and prosper,


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I am Ravingnerd. I have returned to this blog after an extensive absences. I lost the passion for quite some time. However recently got the urge to start this back up. Join me as I discuss, Comics, Star Trek, Civilization, and much more!

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