Wednesday, April 4th

Well today was wednesday, and boy I’m glad it was. The past few days were trying to get me down, but today kept everything positive.

Unfortunately there wasn’t a DC Chess piece, but there will be next week, so I look forward to that. Not only that, limited edition Batman and Joker chess pieces will be available, and since I have subscribed, I will get first pick and discounts should I choose to buy them.

More importantly Stormwatch #8 came out today, and while I was apprehensive and less excited than usual for what I consider my favorite comic in the New 52, I was pretty happy with the result. The new writing was much better than last issue, and the two part story line that got to a rough start ended on an extremely high note. Next month is issue #9 which will feature the return of artist Miguel Sepulveda for his last issue of Stormwatch. I am a huge fan of his work now, and the current artist is having a hard time keeping up in my opinion. Anyway, the comic is still good and of my highest recommendations to anyone looking to start something interesting.

AvX: Round 1 was released today and I honestly didn’t buy it. I will buy it, but I feel no need to keep current with it, as Newsarama is having a nerdgasm about it and posting several articles a day about how epic it will be. I just hope it meets their expectations. I am not dissing the storyline, but am prioritizing, and AvX didn’t figure in.

I did however, at the request of the owner of the comic shop, purchase Flex Mentallo: The Man of Muscle Mystery. While I was first introduced to this through Newsarama, I payed it no mind. After reading it, I can honestly say that it should be considered one of the most prolific comic books of all time. Seriously. It should rank up their with Watchmen. Which most nerds agree is the bible of comic books. It has the nerds blessing, and I encourage everyone to check it out. Well scratch that. It can only be really understood by someone who has spent time reading comic books and pondering the symbolic nature of the characters. It is for them. If this would be your first comic, for the love of Rao pick up Stormwatch and read it first, then maybe you’ll get some of it.

Well those are all of my rantings and ravings for the day, if anything was released this day you think I should read and/or discuss let me know! Until then, live long and prosper



2 thoughts on “Wednesday, April 4th

  1. I know this is off topic (sort of) but I was on and saw Batman: Arkham Unhinged. Any thoughts on this video game spin off series?

    • It’s not for me, but I think it’s a good marketing ploy. People who don’t read comics will be interested. I may pick up an issue, but I doubt I will follow it. Nothing against the series, just no implications to the DCU as a whole.

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