Joker in review

That’s right, my third favorite villain is the Joker. While once my favorite, and perhaps my favorite comic book character, his recent re branding in pop culture has made him less awesome in my eyes. And while I have come to terms with this re branding (not really) it tarnishes the image of the Joker as a whole.

No I don’t really need to explain to anyone who the Joker is or what he does. I will warn you that if you base your opinions solely off of a certain movie with a certain portrayal of this character, you are missing out. I don’t care how awesome you think that character was. The Joker is a character of many, many faces, and has wonderful interpretations and some bad ones. Some may argue that this is vital to the character, but I find the lack of consistency unsettling. While is portrayals may be as manic as the character himself, I prefer consistency, and the characters I rank above him are always consistently awesome. Perhaps it’s the fact that the Joker is such an amazing character when he is done well, and when he is not, it’s extremely disappointing.

If you are looking for fun interpretations of the Joker, in which he really shines, you should look at No Man’s Land, Salvation Run, Hush, Batman: R.I.P, and Batman The Animated Series. Those would be my picks for best interpretations. I understand other people May subscribe to other interpretations, but the picks above are in my opinion the best.

Until the next time, live long and prosper.


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